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3 truck crashes cause chaos on Triangle highways

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

If you have ever driven past a tractor-trailer crash, you have seen the awe-inspiring force that a moving truck carries with it. Semis that go off the road may end up plowing through trees, leaving ruts in the dirt that are several feet deep. So imagine if a truck plows through other vehicles with people inside them.

Some days or weeks can seem more prone to crashes than others. Holiday weekends, with increased traffic across the country, can bring extra danger to the roads of North Carolina. A single recent day had three tractor-trailer crashes that turned highways around the Research Triangle into a nightmare.

One crash involved two trucks that hit each other head-on on Interstate 85, killing both drivers. Another incident involved one truck striking the rear of another, causing serious injuries to one of the drivers. Traffic was backed up for hours as investigators studied the scene of the accidents and emergency responders cleared the wreckage.

When trucks are involved in accidents that affect other vehicles, the victims may have a case for financial damages that cover medical expenses or other related costs. There may also be compensation for time and wages lost during recovery, and the people liable may be beyond the driver or anyone else on the scene.

An attorney can help explain these options if you or someone you love has been involved in a truck crash in North Carolina. The possibility of a claim in civil court may be complicated but the results may be worth it if you are facing a major change after an accident.