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Motorcycle crashes are more common in certain road conditions

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

When you’re on the twisting roads high up in the Great Smoky Mountains or Nantahala Forest, you can tell you’re dealing with different circumstances that on I-95 or I-40. There are a lot of reasons this may be true, but they all matter to motorcycle safety.

Tight curves are often part of bike crashes, especially if bikers are going into them too fast. It’s usually worth it to control speed before going into curves, especially if the other side cannot be seen. Most vehicles can barely change speeds in curves, let alone motorcycles that only have two wheels.

Other vehicles are often part of dangerous accidents for bikers, with attempted turns by cars and trucks as a leading cause of motorcycle fatalities. Bikers often do themselves a favor when they slow down to check T-junctions and crossroads where drivers could be carelessly entering the road.

One of the most dangerous situations for bikers is a rear-end collision. Drivers may get frustrated and drive too close to the back wheel, which can combine the general dangers of a collision with the possibility of being pulled under the vehicle behind it. This is not an acceptable situation for bikers and drivers may be liable for the consequences of their actions if they are negligent and end up hurting someone.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or you are organizing the affairs of someone killed in one, you may have a case for financial damages to help with the difficult time of recovery coming ahead. An attorney can help figure out if this is an option.