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Truck accident kills 5 in Charlotte before trooper is injured

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Commercial Truck Accidents |

If you have ever had to rent your own moving truck, you know the differences between your daily commute and weaving a storage container through traffic. Trucks are less maneuverable with more volume to carry, and the weight of heavier vehicles can cause a disaster at any speed even when they are empty.

An accident involving a box truck claimed several lives and even led to the injury of a state trooper near Charlotte. The truck was in an outer lane of Interstate 485 when another vehicle collided with it. The accident ended up encompassing two other vehicles when the truck crossed the median into oncoming traffic.

Five people were killed in the two vehicles that approached from the other direction. While North Carolina State Highway Troopers were reconstructing the accident the next morning, a car struck a trooper’s vehicle which ended up hitting the trooper who was standing near it.

Although money does little to help a family recover from an unexpected loss, financial restitution through claims or lawsuits can make the difficult phase that comes after a car accident involving a truck a little easier. This may include reimbursement for medical expenses or other costs related to the end of life. It may also involve compensation for income lost during recovery or due to a fatality.

An attorney can help review the evidence of an accident and work out who may be liable for the damages and injuries. Legal representation is also a good way to get things started in a North Carolina civil court, and seek the restitution you need.