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August 2020 Archives

Grass clippings can lead to serious motorcycle crashes

Motorcyclists have to watch out for a lot of things when they're out on their rides. Some people don't realize the number of hazards that can cause problems for these individuals. The warmer months of the year are a specific time when one hazard, grass clippings on the road, becomes especially problematic.

Don't let your company suffer due to a partnership dispute

Partnership disputes can change the direction of a business -- and not usually in a good way. There are several things that you can do to reduce the chance that the dispute with the person you went into business with will lead to the dissolution of the company or your relationship.

Innocent trucking crash victims shouldn't be left to suffer

A semitruck crash is a serious matter that must be handled accordingly. One issue that sometimes comes up is that the innocent victims of these crashes are left to try to handle all the financial aspects of the wreck. This is an atrocity and shouldn't ever be the case. We're here to fight for victims of commercial vehicle crashes, so the parties whose negligence contributed to them can be held accountable.

Failed payment promises may require escalated collection efforts

One of the most important things a business needs to survive and grow is its revenue. That's the money that actually supports the needs of the business. It isn't enough to just have enough billable accounts. Instead, the company has to actually receive the money that it's due. Sometimes, businesses have to apply a little pressure to get clients or customers to pay up.

Divorcing? What will happen to the family business?

Individuals who own a family-based business might realize that they need to sell that company if they're going through a divorce. The decision to do this isn't one that's made lightly. It often comes when one spouse realizes that they don't have what they need to buy out the other or that the company just isn't going to be something they can manage alone.

3 situations that are very dangerous for motorcyclists

Motorcycle crashes are serious events that can cause catastrophic injuries to the motorcyclist. While some of these crashes are preventable, others might not be. One factor that all motorcyclists need to remember is that the vast majority of crashes that involve other vehicles are the fault of the other motorist. Many of these occur at intersections, so all motorcyclists must take extra care in these areas.

Mother files wrongful death lawsuit after criminal trial

When you lose a loved one, it is hard to know what to do next. This is especially true if the cause was unexpected or even violent. Although financial damages may be the last thing on your mind, a financial future may depend on it and someone's careless or malevolent decision should not go unanswered.

Think of the future after someone has passed

There is nothing anyone can say to comfort you when a loved one disappears from your life. Your family, your community and your place of worship are there to love and support you but the wisest among them know that the sweetest words cannot alleviate the pain that replaces the absence beside you.

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