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Grass clippings can lead to serious motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists have to watch out for a lot of things when they’re out on their rides. Some people don’t realize the number of hazards that can cause problems for these individuals. The warmer months of the year are a specific time when one hazard, grass clippings on the road, becomes especially problematic.

Individuals who are cutting their grass might not think anything about where the clippings are going, but they should. Grass clippings that blow into the street can make the road surface as slick as ice for a person who’s on a motorcycle. It’s close to impossible for the motorcyclist to control their bike, so they may lose control and have a crash just because someone cutting the grass didn’t use a bagger or keep the clippings away from the road.

Even if a motorcyclist sees the clippings, they might still face difficulties. In some areas, there might not be sufficient space on the road for them to safely drive around the clippings, especially if they don’t see them far enough in advance. This can put the motorcyclist in a precarious position.

Unfortunately, there’s a chance that the motorcyclist will crash due to the clippings. They may be struck by another vehicle if they try to bypass the clippings. Any motorcyclist who’s in a crash may opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the party whose negligence caused the wreck. This can help them to recover the money they’re out of because of the wreck. Medical bills, lost wages and similar expenses are some of the possible damages you might claim if you’re in this position.