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Think of the future after someone has passed

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

There is nothing anyone can say to comfort you when a loved one disappears from your life. Your family, your community and your place of worship are there to love and support you but the wisest among them know that the sweetest words cannot alleviate the pain that replaces the absence beside you.

Even other people who have lost their own loved ones may be unable to find the right words to say. Companionship and support are the greatest gifts that friends and family have for us in these difficult times. When it comes to recovery, a phase we all must enter after a major loss, there is often little replacement for economic security.

How can one think of money at a time like this? We often do not think of it at all, but that doesn’t change our dependence on good financial health. If the lost loved one was also a breadwinner for the house, then this becomes one of the highest priorities to address.

In a criminal court, a person can only be guilty of homicide under the law if the crime is admitted or proved beyond a reasonable doubt of the accused person’s peers. However, you can hold someone liable for the consequences of their reckless or negligent actions in civil court, even when a criminal charge doesn’t apply.

Financial damages may not seem like much after the loss of your loved one, but money can help your family on the long road to recovery. An attorney can help describe compensation that may be available through a lawsuit for wrongful death and help you obtain what’s fair.