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New law provides expanded COVID-19 liability protections

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Premises Liability |

For business owners, the pandemic has given rise to a whole host of concerns. While COVID-19 has affected profits to a great extent, it has also increased the risk of liability exposure. Those who aren’t able to effectively avoid liability can face long, drawn-out, and expensive lawsuits that could result in large judgments against them. Fortunately, recent action taken by the state has provided another level of protection for business owners, including those who own community pools.

A closer look at the new law

This new law provides additional protections for community associations and their agents, especially from claims filed by people who are seeking damages related to COVID-19 exposure. So if you’re the owner of an apartment complex or manage a homeowners association, then you should know about how this law affects you. In short, the law provides immunity to community pool owners as long as it can be shown that the pool was reopened and operated in accordance with all restrictions and safety precautions put into effect by the Governor.

It’s important to note that there are exceptions to the general immunity provided to these pool owners. The law doesn’t extend to protect pool owners who are grossly negligent or who act in a way that constitutes wanton conduct. Intentional wrongdoing, of course, is also prohibited and will render one disqualified from receiving immunity.

Seek help facing new pandemic-related legal issues

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has create legal issues that are unique for our time. Most, if not all, community pool owners probably never imagined the possibility of facing legal accountability for the transmission of a dangerous disease that was unknown less than a year before. Yet, these are very real legal matters that many will end up facing. Failing to aggressively defend oneself could lead to very serious financial ramifications. That’s why you need to choose your legal representation carefully.