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Hands-free cellphone law hopes to stop distracted auto accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Auto accidents can happen for many reasons in North Carolina including driving recklessly, negligence, driving under the influence and drowsy driving. In recent years, distracted driving has come to the forefront as being a catalyst for a growing number of collisions. Legislators and law enforcement are aware of this and have taken steps to emphasize the need to pay attention to the road when behind the wheel. Despite that, people continue to drive distracted. A proposed hands-free law hopes to reduce distracted driving.

Holding cellphones while driving would be made illegal

The law, if passed, would require all adults to use a hands-free device while communicating via cellphone when they are driving. Teens would not be allowed to communicate via wireless communication at all. The concern about distracted driving stems from the number of fatal crashes due to distraction. The most recent statistics show that 356 people were killed due to distracted driving. Even if those involved escaped with their lives, there might still be catastrophic injuries and the medical costs, lost income and other challenges that accompany such a crash. The goal is to have the law passed by July 1, 2021.

Even with a new law, drivers may ignore it

Unfortunately, the litany of available distractions makes it difficult for drivers to resist temptation. Cellphones keep people plugged in and they are so accustomed to checking it frequently that they do so when driving. This can lead to an accident. Among the injuries people can suffer after a motor vehicle accident are brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, burns, sensory loss, cuts, lost limbs and paralysis. This can result in exorbitant medical expenses for treatment, rehabilitation and long-term care. If there is a fatality, the family left behind must address the unexpected loss of a loved one and the personal and financial problems that accompany it. Seeking compensation through a legal filing might be necessary to pay for all that was lost and more.

Legal representation can help with investigating an auto accident

The cause of an accident can be a fundamental part of a successful filing for compensation. If distraction was involved, this can be critical. Regardless of how and why the accident occurred, those impacted must be cognizant of their rights. Drivers who ignore laws and common sense safety practices should be held accountable for the damage they have caused. A legal filing may help after an auto accident with injuries and death.