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Opting-in to a class action lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | Business Litigation |

Lawsuits for losses are often based on single events that harm individuals or small groups of people. For example, if two cars are involved in an accident and one of the driver’s is at fault, their victims may all sue the negligent driver for the recovery of their damages. However, when significant wrongs are committed on a broad scale, many victims can be created from a single event.

Class action lawsuits exist to bring victims of wrongdoing together into a single legal action. If a vehicle model is found to have a faulty part and many people have been harmed by its malfunction in separate vehicle incidents, all the victims may join together in a class action lawsuit against the automaker. Class action lawsuits have advantages and attorneys who represent victims in class action lawsuits can explain them to their clients.

In order to become part of a class action lawsuit, a victim may have to opt-in to be included as a party. Opting-in requires certain steps to be taken. This post will generally discuss opting-in to a class action lawsuit, but no part of this post should be read as legal advice.

How to opt-in to a class action lawsuit

In some situations, victims who are included in class action lawsuits do not have a way to opt-out of inclusion. By virtue of suffering losses or an injury, they may be included in the pending class action litigation. In other situations, victims may have to affirmatively opt-in.

After receiving notice of a class action lawsuit, a victim may believe that they should be included. They may have to follow specific instructions to ensure that they are part of the case. Once they opt-in they may receive more information about the proceedings.

Judgments in class action lawsuits

If an entity loses a class action lawsuit, it will be ordered to compensate its victims. Because there can be many participants in a class action case, paying out damages to many victims can be complicated. Courts work to ensure that plans are put into place to see that victims and other interested parties are paid when liability is assigned to a negligent party.

Class action lawsuits are complicated. Individuals who opt-in to them may not understand their rights or how to take action to protect them. Class action attorneys can support them and their legal needs.