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Alleged hospital monopoly sparks class action lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Business Litigation |

In North Carolina, residents often feel helpless at the hands of large companies with seemingly limitless resources. Even if there is evidence of wrongdoing and an individual has a strong complaint with clear evidence, these entities generally have few qualms about ignoring the allegations and using their financial might and understanding of legal technicalities to extend the issue until the person gives up. This might result in the complainant surrendering or accepting a less-than-adequate payout. However, it is important to remember is that these incidents are rarely isolated and others might have faced illegal and unethical behaviors. With that, it might be wise to consider the viability of a class action lawsuit.

Higher prices and worse care leads to class action lawsuit against hospital

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that a healthcare provider has crafted a monopoly in the area resulting in higher costs. It is also accused of failing to be transparent with its pricing and cutting access to various services that are integral to rural residents. There are eight named plaintiffs in the case and it represents others who might have been negatively impacted.

The company is a for-profit healthcare entity. It took over the sixth biggest healthcare system in the state in 2019. The complaints about the company’s practices escalated quickly after it took over the system and they became so commonplace that the state attorney general had one employee tracking them. The plaintiffs say the prices have risen significantly and the care they receive had grown progressively worse.

Working with others who have been wronged could help with a case

The idea behind a class action lawsuit is to allow people who have faced wrongdoing to combine their efforts to take on a larger company and level the playing field. This can help with accountability and having a fighting chance. A class action case can be crafted for myriad reasons whether it involves consumers who have been taken advantage of financially due to a monopoly; tenants who were mistreated by a company that owned their rental property; or investors who were not given proper information and lost money because of it. If there is a belief that illegal activities have taken place, it may not be necessary to go it alone. Having assistance with class action lawsuits can be essential to moving forward with a case.