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Fired plaintiff wins employee rights lawsuit

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Employment Law |

Employee rights and people standing up for them when they are violated has been a primary concern in North Carolina and across the United States. Often, that includes protections against discrimination for race, national origin, age, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation and much more. Still, people might find themselves subjected to discriminatory behavior or terminated outright because of issues that should be irrelevant in the context of employment. One recent case showed just how people can be discriminated against and that they can be successful when pursuing justice through a legal filing.

Man fired for being gay wins lawsuit against Catholic school

A man who filed a lawsuit after the Catholic high school for which he worked as a teacher fired him for being gay won his case. The man taught at the school on a full-time basis for 12 years from 2001 to 2012. He was then a substitute for the next two years. During his time at the school, he was a decorated teacher with multiple awards to his credit. However, he was dismissed from his job as an English and drama teacher after the school became aware that he was going to marry his male partner. The information had been posted on social media.

The school contacted him by telephone and specifically told him that he could not teach at the school anymore because of the announcement that he was about to have a same-sex marriage. The school also asserted that the man did not agree with Catholic teachings based on comments he had made on Facebook. In response, the man filed a lawsuit for sex discrimination in 2015. The judge in the case stated that the school and the Catholic diocese violated the law when it fired him. The case is still ongoing as the court must decide on compensation.

Employees facing discrimination do not need to stand for it

Despite same-sex marriage being legal in North Carolina, it is unfortunately true that many employers try to penalize employees due to their sexual orientation and commit employment discrimination. If an employee believes or has evidence that a termination violated the law, it is their right to fight the decision and seek compensation. For information and representation in pursuing a case, having comprehensive legal advice is key. This is a vital step toward a positive outcome and holding employers accountable.