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Tips to help avoid a scam or fraud in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Consumer Protection |

We’ve all heard the stories of people being the victim of an elaborate scam and we may wonder how they even occurred and how we can avoid being a victim. Unfortunately, scammers are getting better at their jobs every day and it can be hard to recognize them. There are certain things for consumers to keep in mind when purchasing any products or dealing with unknown callers.

  1. Always say no to high-pressure sales. A sale that is only good today should be walked away from.
  2. Don’t respond to unsolicited offers from telemarketers, email, or door-to-door sales pitches.
  3. Always read sales contracts carefully.
  4. Never give out your Social Security number, bank account numbers, credit card numbers or other personal information to anyone you don’t know who contacts you.
  5. Check your credit report regularly.
  6. Only do business with companies you’re familiar with and have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau or the NC Attorney General’s Office.
  7. You never have to make a purchase or pay taxes or fees in advance to win a prize.
  8. Join the Do Not Call Registry List to cut down on unsolicited phone calls.

If you have already been victimized

A legal professional who is skilled in consumer protection law can help a Fayetteville area resident who believes they have been the victim of a scam. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident and help their client understand what happened. They can help put an end to these deceptive practices and fight unfair business practices like scams and frauds.