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Are dog owners liable if their dogs bite someone?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Dogs are said to be people’s best friends and many people in North Carolina own them. They can be a great addition to people’s families and people may love the companionship. However, dogs are still animals and they have certain instincts when they feel threatened. This could be biting other dogs or animals, but it can also include biting people as well. These dog bites can cause significant injuries as a result.

To help protect people from dogs who are know to bite, there are certain laws requiring dog owners to take extra precautions if they have a known dangerous dog. A dangerous dog is a dog which has attacked a person unprovoked causing severe injuries or death. When the dog is on their property, they need to keep the dangerous dog inside the home or if they are outside, they need to be confined in a kennel or other structure. When people take dangerous dog off of their property, the dog needs to be leashed and muzzled the entire time.

Liability of owners if they dogs attack others

As stated above a dangerous dog is defined as one which has severely injured another person. The victims of a dog attack may incur significant medical bills as they treat the injuries and may need rehabilitation as well. They may miss time at work too and lose income while they recover. The victims of the dog attacks may be able to receive compensation from the owner of the dog though. Owners of dangerous dogs are strictly liable for all injuries caused by the dog.

While most dogs in North Carolina make great pets, there are some that are dangerous. Extra precautions need to be taken by the owners to prevent dog attacks. This does not always occur though and dangerous dogs may attack people or other dogs in the future. While people cannot hold the dog accountable for the injuries they cause, the victims can hold the owners of the dog accountable. It is important the victims receive the compensation they deserve and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.