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Can you stop debt collector calls?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Consumer Protection |

It can be nerve-racking to experience unwanted phone calls. While robo calls and unsolicited calls from companies can be addressed by getting on a no call list, this is not how individuals in North Carolina and elsewhere battling with debt and debt collectors can handle these phone calls. Getting calls from debt collectors is often part of the situation, one does not need to accept debt collector harassment.

Debt collector harassment

This occurs when debt collectors go beyond the bounds of their legal conduct. This means that debt collectors can legally make persistent attempts to collect debt or make verification of one’s debt. However, federal law does not tolerate illegal conduct, such as harassment. Individuals are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FCDPA, and if one believes a situation has crossed the line and is harassment, there are steps one could take to stop it.

Debt collector harassment can vary; however, there is certain conduct that is frequently experienced by debtors. This includes calling too frequently, using profane or obscene language, threatening violence and sending harassing text messages.

Stopping the harassment

There are various steps one could take to put an end to the debt collector harassment he or she is experiencing. To begin, one could write a letter requesting that they cease communication. Under the FDCPA, they must follow this written request for no communication. If they fail to abide, one can report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

When taking action to stop debt collector harassment, it is important to document all contact and harassment. This could even include recording these conversations to evidence what is being said. Other options one could take to end this harassment include filing a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, filing a complaint with one’s state’s agency, suing the debt collection agency for harassment or filing for bankruptcy.

Managing debt can be challenging at times. It can be a very emotional experience and difficult to navigate. Thus, it is important that one fully understands their matter and how best to address the situation. There are options and ways to handle debt collection and manage credit repair.