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When is it appropriate to file a class action lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Business Litigation |

There are times when people in North Carolina suffer injuries due to a problems with products they use. Others may be overcharged by companies or scammed in some way. When this occurs people probably will focus on how they may be able to remedy the situation and potentially receive compensation for the damages they suffer. However, if the company responsible for causing the harm causes harm to one customer, there is a good chance they have caused the same harm to other customers.

There can be strength in numbers and sometimes when people work together, they can be more effective in these situations. One person may suffer a relatively minor damage compared to size of the company’s wealth, but when many customers add all of their damages together, they may have enough to ensure that the company is properly held accountable for the damages they caused.

Requirements for a class action lawsuit

The victims in these types of situations may need to file a class action lawsuit. This is a unique type of lawsuit and certain requirements must be met in order to be able to file one.

  • The plaintiff must have suffered damages and the damages they suffer as well as the main damages suffered by the class are similar to everyone in the class
  • The number of victims is so large that it would be impactable for all of them to file individual lawsuits
  • The facts for the victims in the class are predominantly similar to each other
  • The named plaintiff can adequately represent the entire class of victims

If a customer in North Carolina suffers a damage due to actions of major companies, there is a good chance they are not alone. Many others may have suffered similar damages. Finding all the victims may take some work, but if there are enough victims that meet the criteria stated above, a class action lawsuit could be beneficial for everyone involved. Experienced attorneys understand the requirements for class action lawsuits and may be a useful resource.