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What to do after a car accident to recover damages

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Car Accidents |

After a car accident, most North Carolinians just want a full recovery and get back to work.  Unfortunately, some accidents cause injuries which last for months, years, or even a lifetime. This leaves the victim with thousands of dollars of medical expenses and lost wages.  If you have sustained serious temporary or permanent injuries because of a Hoke County car accident, a knowledgeable attorney can defend your interests against the insurance company. 

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Britton Law offer free consultations to all prospective personal injury clients.   

 Negligence and Contributory Negligence (Liability)

The first step in recovering damages is investigating the crash itself. We’ll analyze how the car accident occurred to determine the identity of the negligent, liable parties.  Sometimes, this may be as simple as reviewing the crash report and the reporting officer’s notes.  If liability is undetermined or contested, we take a more detailed approach. We ask for the client’s recollection of the collision as well as take down information about witnesses who need to be contacted and interviewed.   

This initial stage also requires looking at whether there will be any valid argument that the client was somehow at fault. North Carolina’s contributory negligence law is a tough hurdle for accident victims who are thought to have contributed to the crash in even the smallest way. If an investigation shows you’ve made an error, the insurance company can use that as grounds to vacate the claim. For this reason, it’s important to retain experienced legal representation to fight these claims. 


After assigning liability, we can identify what damages are available to you. This starts with the purely financial losses, such as medical treatment and expenses and lost wages. Then, we can discuss how the collision has more generally affected the client’s life.  This means examining the extent, duration, and intensity of pain, and any disabilities the client has sustained because of the collision. The question surrounded damages are at the heart of any personal injury case. They tend to be a contentious topic, and it’s important to have someone on your side against insurers. 

Even after a serious car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you’ll likely struggle to obtain the damages you deserve. Our law firm always fully explores insurance coverage when we meet with a prospective client. This means looking at the extent of liability coverage, medical payments coverage, underinsured motorist coverage.  In many cases, there might be multiple policies providing liability coverage and/or underinsured motorist coverage.  Knowing the full extent of your coverage options is critical to making a full recovery in cases involving serious and permanent injuries. 

Representation for Hoke County Car Accidents

Britton Law offers contingency fee arrangements for all personal injuries.  This means that you pay no attorneys’ fees unless and until you make a financial recovery.  To set up a free consultation with a Hoke County car accident lawyer, call us at 910-401-3356.  You may also use our contact page to send inquiries directly to the firm. Most consultations range from one to two hours, depending upon the complexity of your case. Britton Law represents injured North Carolinians throughout the state, but practices out of our conveniently located Fayetteville office.