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Helping you understand if you belong to a class action lawsuit

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When you suffer an injury, you may feel alone in your pain and losses. However, when the culprit of the harm is a consumer product, it is possible that many others have suffered the same fate. A single person taking on a major corporation may appear daunting and impossible; however, if it is a large number of people taking on that company, it feels like there is a real chance of winning the legal action.

Consumer class action lawsuits

There is truth behind the saying that there is strength in numbers. A company will respond seriously to a class action suit vs. a single person making a claim that their product caused them harm. While this does not mean that the single person was not harmed; it just means that when numerous individuals suffered the same fate, it is evidenced that more harm is likely to occur to additional consumers.

Filing a class action suit

Whether you are the one to initiate the process or are informed that the class action group is moving forward with the claim, it is important to understand what this means. To begin, a class action can move forward with an individual or a group of people who represent the larger group of people impacted.

Once it is determined that you are among certified class action people who are suing, it is imperative to understand your next steps. This can be confusing to some, as class actions differ greatly from one another.

That is why the attorneys at Britton Law are here to help. By gaining more information about your individual situation and the existing class action lawsuit, our goal is to help you make an informed decision. In the end, this could help you address the harms and losses suffered in the matter.