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What should I do after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Car crashes are scary, but preparing for them now can make them much less scary when they happen. There are ways to prepare for a Fayetteville, North Carolina, car crash.

Gear up

First, get a dashboard camera to make sure you have evidence of who caused the accident. Especially for hit-and-run accidents, these can be invaluable. However, do not forget your other gear, like road flairs, kitty litter (for traction), water, blankets, small tool kit, jumper cables (or a jumper kit), small imperishable food items, etc.

Immediately after the crash

According to the Insurance Information Institute, there are steps everyone should take after a car accident, regardless of whether you are at fault. First, check everyone for injuries. Even if your car does not have injuries, still call 9-1-1 because you need a police report, and you do not know the state of the people in the other car.

Moving the car

If anyone is injured, especially if the injury looks serious, wait for the first responders, and do not move. If not, and if the car is drivable, move the vehicle safely to the side of the road or to a parking lot, unless it is unsafe to do so. Be on the lookout for Fayetteville, North Carolina, bandit tow trucks too.

Exchange information

While waiting for the police and first responders, if able and safe, you can exchange information with the other driver. The III recommends getting the full name and contact information of the driver, their insurance company and policy number (a photo of their insurance card too), a photograph of their driver’s license and the license plate, along with the type, color and vehicle model. Write down the location of the car accident and take any pictures you think are important as well. Avoid discussing the car accident or any of the events before or after the crash. Once the police arrive, get their card, name and badge number. Ask how to get a copy of the accident report.

If 9-1-1 refuses to dispatch

Sometimes, the 9-1-1 dispatchers refuse to dispatch first responders. If that happens, take all of your evidence to the nearest police station to fill out a police report yourself. Often, this is a state law requirement, and some states even require reporting to the DMV. However, your insurance company will definitely want the police report, along with your dashboard camera footage. And remember, if you were not at fault, you can sue the negligent driver in a Fayetteville, North Carolina, personal injury lawsuit.