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Are aggressive drivers dangerous?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

The short answer to this question is yes. Aggressive driving is a severe problem on public roads that puts others at risk, including motorists and pedestrians. It is also common among drivers of all ages. Around nine out of ten drivers admit that encountering an aggressive driver could threaten their safety.

Aggression could cause drivers to behave without regard for others’ welfare. They could deliberately perform dangerous driving maneuvers to elicit their target’s response. Some of these practices are unlawful, including speeding and running red lights. They also contribute to 56% of fatal collisions, proving that aggressive driving is deadly.

Sometimes, situations could escalate to road rage, leading to severe altercations that cause physical harm and death. Out of 10,000 road rage incidents, there were 218 murders and 12,610 physical injury cases. The people involved in these encounters frequently engaged due to trivial reasons, such as the other driver tailgating or blocking them.

It might be impossible to avoid aggressive drivers. However, anyone could prevent severe repercussions by staying collected and refusing to respond aggressively.

Dealing with aggressive drivers

Being on the receiving end of a driver’s aggression could be stressful and annoying, instigating anger and irritation. However, it is best to stay calm and put safety first. Taking the following measures could help:

  • Do not indulge their behavior by driving defensively.
  • Stay away from their vehicle to avoid potential involvement in a collision if they suddenly lose control of their car.
  • Keep in mind that matching their attitude could endanger occupants of the vehicle and others on the road.

However, know when to call for help. An aggressive driver could sometimes follow others and threaten them with violence or harm. If this happens, contact the local authorities immediately for assistance.

Knowing when to back off

Facing an aggressive driver could compel anyone to respond with equal hostility. However, knowing when to back off is essential to prevent putting yourself and others in harm’s way.