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How an ESOP could help businesses survive

Many North Carolina entrepreneurs may be hesitant to plan for business succession. However, it is an important process that could prevent people from losing their jobs. Creating a succession plan may be even more important today as rough one of every two business owners are between the ages of 53 and 71.

Crucial steps when buying a business

The purchase of an existing business offers entrepreneurs in North Carolina a chance to skip the risks and hard work of launching an enterprise from scratch. A business buyer gets to acquire an operation with revenue, customers and other valuable assets. However, the buyer must generally go through a long process before completing a purchase. The entrepreneur should conduct a careful search to find an opportunity that fits personal skills and lifestyle goals.

How to properly value a business

It is important for North Carolina business owners to know how much their company is worth at all times. Understanding how much a company may be worth today can help when it comes to future growth and tax planning. It may also be helpful when attempting to secure a business loan or when seeking an influx of capital. One way to determine how much a business is worth is by finding out how much its assets may be worth.

How to complete the sale of a business

Business owners in North Carolina and elsewhere may not want to hold their companies for much longer. A change in economic conditions could significantly impact an owner's ability to get top dollar for his or her company. To begin the sales process, it is a good idea to perform a valuation and create a reasonable price range for the company. This may be done by looking at recent sales and other relevant information.

The keys to selling a company

Selling a business in North Carolinam, or anywhere else, can be stressful. There is always the real possibility of setbacks, including transactions falling through unexpectedly, and sometimes at the last minute. Preparing for the sale is often a key aspect of its success. The first step is gathering, analyzing and organizing financial information.

Establishing travel businesses to sell for high-dollar amounts

Travel businesses can be lucrative for investors in North Carolina who are interested in startups. When an entrepreneur is thinking about opening a travel business, it is important that they plan in such a way that the business will likely be worth millions if it is later sold.

Employment issues to consider when selling a company

North Carolina business owners may spend a lot of time preparing their books and refining marketing strategies. While these tactics may help the company get a higher price when it is put up for sale, other issues may also need to be addressed. For instance, if may be worthwhile to review the company's employee handbook. By showing that a company has a written policy, it is more likely that it has generally followed proper employment law procedures.

Steps to take when purchasing a franchise

North Carolina residents may be able to achieve their dream of being an entrepreneur by buying an existing franchise as opposed to starting a business from scratch. When a franchise is purchased, the business owner acquires a license to use another company's products or brand name. Format franchises are the most common arrangement. This is when a company gives the franchisee a brand name and other materials to start the business right away.

Opportunity still knocking for brick-and-mortar owners

There is a perception among the public at large that the brick-and-mortar retail business is under serious threat by online shopping companies. According to a report released by, however, the physical retail store may yet have a lot of life left. There are many reasons for North Carolina business owners and entrepreneurs to consider franchise opportunities.

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