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How to buy a small business

Aspiring entrepreneurs in North Carolina and elsewhere may not have the money or creativity to start their own companies. However, it may be possible to buy an existing company that already has an established brand and track record of profitability. In some cases, it may be possible to acquire an existing company without paying for it upfront. Generally speaking, those who are looking to buy a business will want to look for organizations that generate between $1 million and $10 million in annual revenue.

What to think about when investing in a business

Buying a franchise may be an effective way for an entrepreneur to maximize his or her chances of being a successful business owner. There are roughly 4,000 franchise opportunities available in North Carolina and throughout the country. Ideally, individuals will buy companies in sectors that they are interested in and know a lot about. This is because owning a business requires both a financial and time commitment.

Steps to take when starting a business

Small businesses in North Carolina and around the country provide jobs for about 120 million people, and many of these companies grew from very humble beginnings. Turning a business idea into a thriving commercial venture takes vision, determination and effort, and the first step for most entrepreneurs is assessing the resources they have available and developing a plan. Purchasing a franchise allows entrepreneurs with cash in the bank to avoid the teething pains that nascent businesses usually endure, but the most common path to self-employment in the United States is purchasing an existing commercial venture or starting from scratch.

Learn about capital assets and the sale of a business

North Carolina business owners may be interested in learning about how capital gains are handled when a business is sold. Taxes on capital gains will come into play when a capital asset is sold; when a business is sold, capital assets are usually part of the sale.

What to know about selling a business

Business owners in North Carolina and throughout the country may have a financial incentive to sell their companies. While selling a company could be an emotional event, it can also help lock in profits earned throughout the years. It can also be ideal for those who are interested in doing something else with their lives. Older business owners may be interested in selling their companies and using the money to fund their retirement.

Why employers may want to consider selling to employees

A business owner who is thinking about selling their company at some point might want to consider setting up an employee stock option program (ESOP). While many small businesses have ESOPs, it may work just as well for companies with more than 100 employees. This makes it possible to spread the cost of the program among a wider pool of individuals. Furthermore, companies will generally go into debt to create the ESOP, which means that they will need to be able to handle the additional liability.

How to reduce risk when buying a company

Those who are looking to buy a company in North Carolina may be apprehensive about doing so. However, there are ways to make the process a little easier. For instance, it might be a good idea to work with a business broker to find companies that are worth buying. A broker could also help a buyer structure a purchase agreement in a favorable manner.

What to think about when selling a company

Selling a business can be challenging for both novice and experienced business owners. However, there are steps that those in North Carolina and throughout the country can take to maximize a company's sale price. It's generally a good idea for a business owner to work with a broker or other type of representative during the sale process. This person may have connections to accountants and other professionals who can provide value during the sale process.

Businesses don't always grow after an acquisition

It isn't uncommon for those who are looking to buy a business to believe that they can grow it rather quickly. However, this is a trap that buyers in North Carolina or elsewhere would be smart to avoid. This is especially true if a buyer doesn't have experience in the industry that a company occupies.

Mistakes to avoid when selling a company

Market conditions may be ideal for business owners in North Carolina to sell their companies for maximum profit. However, there are key mistakes that they need to avoid when trying to do so. For example, it is a good idea to avoid trying to be a superhero when it comes to running the organization. A buyer will want to see that there are people and systems in place that will continue to function when the original owner is gone.

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