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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Accidents Archives

North Carolina limo passengers may not be covered in collision

A person’s first prom is an exciting time in life. After dates and clothing are arranged, many students decide to travel with their friends to the prom in a limousine. Unfortunately, some people warn that a collision which occurs while riding in a limousine may have significant financial ramifications if that vehicle is not covered by an adequate insurance policy. Those in the limousine business warn that this may be the case, as the state of North Carolina may not always adequately regulate the industry.

Dump truck driver who killed North Carolina woman had revoked license

Last week, a 71-year-old North Carolina woman was killed when a dump truck crashed into her vehicle. Although accidents happen every day, this accident could have been avoided.

Fayetteville bicyclist struck, killed by driver with revoked license

Having a driver's license is a privilege in Fayetteville that comes with great responsibility. Motorists have a responsibility to drive safely, and they also have a responsibility to obtain auto insurance in order to protect themselves and others from suffering major financial consequences in the event of a serious or fatal accident.

Child killed in tragic crash after police chase in North Carolina

Over the weekend, a fatal accident in North Carolina claimed the life of a young child. Sadly, it is believed that the child's older sibling was responsible for the fatal wreck.

Cumberland County man injured by drunk driver on Thanksgiving

Last week on our Fayetteville, North Carolina, personal injury law blog, we had mentioned that Thanksgiving week is notorious for fatal motor vehicle accidents. More folks travel during this time of year to go visit their families, and more travelers on the road combined with inclement weather or poor driving decisions can lead to serious or fatal car wrecks.

Study: One in seven North Carolina drivers are without license

All of us are inundated with statistics, but here's one that might stick with you a little longer than most: one in seven North Carolina drivers does not have a valid driver's license, according to a recent study by AAA. One of the first questions that statistic prompts is whether or not those drivers have auto insurance in case of a car accident. The answer: it's likely that most of them are uninsured motorists.

Family of auto accident victim fights for insurance settlement

Fayetteville motorists purchase vehicle insurance to compensate them if they are ever in an auto accident. They assume that if they have adequate coverage, they will be compensated for any injuries and any damages to vehicles.

Car crash in North Carolina results in more than $50,000 in damages

Fayetteville residents might complain about how much it costs to carry automobile insurance, but most folks realize that having auto insurance can actually help them save money in the long run. Things happen in life that we will not always be able to prepare for, control, or prevent.

Auto accident claims up despite lane-keeping systems in cars

A new study analyzing the safety and effectiveness of lane-keeping technology offered some surprising results. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, lane-keeping systems do not appear to be reducing the number of car accidents on our nation's roads.

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