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Promissory Notes

Negotiation, Drafting And Collection By An Experienced Business Lawyer

The days of the old IOU handwritten across the back of a napkin are gone. Today, lending money to an individual or corporate entity requires a legally drafted promissory note, with clear language about the money loaned and provisions for repayment.

If you reside or do business in southeast North Carolina and need assistance with a promissory note to ensure repayment of a loan, turn to Britton Law, in Fayetteville for help. We have decades of experience drafting legal contracts and financial documents for clients who need to protect their financial interests through the courts of law.

The terms and language of a promissory note must be clear, concise and spell out the exact expectations of the lender and debtor. The courts will uphold the note as a legal contract, but only if there is no question about the provisions for repayment.

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