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Legal Defense For Director Liability Lawsuits

Helping Corporate Directors Understand Their Responsibilities And Liabilities

Becoming a director of a corporation can be a prestigious appointment; however, there are certain laws that must be obeyed to avoid director liability in corporate acts. As a director, you are required to:

  • Follow the rules and bylaws of the corporation
  • Act in good faith — perform your duties honestly, conscientiously and fairly
  • Act with due care in directing and supervising the corporation
  • Have a fiduciary duty to the shareholders and other directors
  • Be loyal to the other directors and the corporation

Concerns arise when a director acts in his or her own interests as opposed to those of the corporation, or fails to disclose a conflict of interest. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest can lead to questions and accusations. If any violations or improprieties occur on your watch, you risk being held liable for these actions and open yourself to possible litigation.

At Britton Law, we defend directors against these actions and we assist corporations in establishing the rules of conduct that every director must follow to ensure he or she is acting in good faith to the company. John Britton holds an MBA as well as a law degree, giving him insight into how businesses are run as well as how they should be structured. He has more than 20 years of experience in business transactions and litigation. His guidance on business matters involving directors can be invaluable to your corporation and to you if you are accused of misconduct as a director.

Finding Solutions That Make Fiscal And Legal Sense

Litigation can be expensive financially and in terms of company morale and reputation, and can harm the company’s goodwill in the community. Whenever possible, John looks for solutions to resolve disputes and conflicts discreetly and on positive terms.

If you are a director of a company who is being accused of misconduct, you cannot afford to have your reputation tarnished or endure extensive and expensive litigation. You need the help of an experienced Fayetteville business lawyer.

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