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Shareholder Disputes Require Experienced Representation

When disagreements arise between shareholders, it can make things tremendously complex. From essential operations to finances, Britton Law is here to help you find a solution. We have worked with clients throughout North Carolina for over 20 years. Our job is to answer your questions and have everyone move forward. You can expect honesty and professionalism at every turn.

Common Examples Of Disagreements

Shareholder disputes are different than other business disagreements because shareholders have a financial stake in the company. We have represented clients facing all sorts of situations. Common examples include breach of shareholder agreements, disagreements over the direction of the organization, fiduciary misdeeds, and differences in compensation or contribution. We understand the stress that is on your shoulders.

There are many ways to resolve shareholder disputes. Whether it is through negotiation or litigation, our experienced attorneys are more than prepared to handle your case no matter where it takes you. Our goal is to handle things efficiently and effectively. We know how these problems can hold up in many different areas of a business. Quite frankly, time is of the essence. We will do everything we can to reach the best possible result.

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