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Experienced Representation For Shareholder And Business Partner Disputes In North Carolina

Seeking Positive Solutions To Difficult Internal Conflicts

Sometimes competitors within a market are not a company’s biggest problem. Rather, disagreements among shareholders or business partners can imperil operations and lead to a company’s ultimate demise. If you are involved in a dispute with a business partner or fellow shareholders, it is critical to work with legal counsel who will effectively address the issues at hand.

Fayetteville shareholder disputes lawyer John H. Britton has more than 20 years of business litigation experience. In this time he has represented partners and shareholders in intracompany disputes. Our law firm’s primary objective in any type of business litigation is to achieve our client’s goals as efficiently as possible. While litigation may indeed be necessary to resolve the underlying dispute, in many instances, negotiation or alternative methods of dispute resolution can achieve the same outcome. We have represented all sides, including majority stakeholders, minority shareholders and partners seeking a buyout.

Our law firm is equipped to address all types of partnership or shareholder disputes, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of the partnership agreement
  • Disputes as to the value of one partner’s shares in the company
  • Business succession issues

Partnership and shareholder disputes frequently involve disputes over which partner has authority to make business decisions. For instance, if there is only a verbal agreement between partners, or if each partner has equal decision-making authority as set out in the partnership agreement, disputes can become costly and seemingly intractable. Partnership disputes attorney John H. Britton will use his substantial knowledge to help reach a positive solution to the issues facing you and your company.

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