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Posts tagged "Business Contracts & Disputes"

Wells Fargo fight over rooftop signs now a federal case

Wells Fargo has a fairly significant presence in North Carolina. The banking giant's securities division is based in Charlotte, and of course the firm has branches nationwide. That creates lot of opportunity for business disputes to foment.

Breach of contract litigation often involves a complex analysis

Breach of contract actions in North Carolina and in other states are sometimes complex matters that involve an in-depth evaluation of the facts and wording of the agreement to determine if there is, in fact, a breach and what damages should be awarded. The contract, if it is in writing, is the first place to start. A simple breach of contract situation recently reported in another state may help to show some of the issues that arise.

Could worker classification disputes leave Uber, Lyft, stalled?

The past few weeks have been something of a bumpy ride for companies such as Uber and Lyft. Considering that Uber operates in the Fayetteville area it seems reasonable to think that many users and drivers are following things. We know that attorneys focused on providing legal support to businesses are keeping an eye open.

Farmworker pay dispute sprouts up for Publix in NC

Grocery stores don't tend to hire the workers who pick the crops that supply produce to their shelves. That would seem to suggest that they should be insulated from the middle of contract disputes between field workers and the farms they work for. But as recent activities in North Carolina reflect, that may not always be the case.

What's the nature of a nonprofit board's fiduciary duty?

In our previous business-focused post, we observed that attention to the details of legal compliance is important regardless of whether your endeavor is a for-profit one or not-for-profit. There are rules and regulations that need to be addressed and the steps involved can be so complicated that it can be easy to overlook critical points.

What does it take to protect trade secrets in North Carolina?

Nearly any company that has managed to stay ahead of competitors has some sort of trade secret. Col. Sanders has his 11 herbs and spices (exact nature and combination unknown). McDonald's Big Mac has its special sauce which, according to, is not much more than a tricked out Thousand Island salad dressing.

What can spark shareholder claims of fraud?

If you've ever watched the reality TV show, "Shark Tank," you know that fishing for investment dollars can be tough. It requires a unique sales pitch. And investors who decide to become shareholders expect the entrepreneur looking for help to provide the best information possible.

What does it take to create solid noncompete agreements?

If you keep up on the business scene in North Carolina, you probably spotted the news that some 225 employees in the state who work for Avery Dennison Corp. are being shown the door. It made headlines in the Charlotte Business Journal. The company is pulling the plug on production at two sites and moving the work to Mexico and Honduras.

Mandatory arbitration comes under fire. What's that about?

The importance of a contract, in writing -- signed, sealed and delivered, is something that we have talked about before in this blog. But it's just as important for all the parties who are signing on the dotted line of that contract to understand what the document says.

Private sale revives hopes of a future for NC med-tech company

The common perception of bankruptcy is that it is the first pealing of the death knell for a company. But that isn't always the case. Very often, bankruptcy proves to be the most important step toward reviving a company's future.

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