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The value of planning is in the process

As markets and customer behaviors are changing all the time, some business owners argue that creating a five-year plan is old fashioned and unnecessary. However, others say that the experience of writing a plan and attempting to make future projections is educational and helpful. A recent study published in the International Small Business Journal found that business owners who spend time planning are more likely to succeed.

Good content marketing for North Carolina businesses

Most small business owners have heard that having an online presence is important. Some, however, simply do not understand how to make use of it in a way that will drive customers to them and increase their profits. Understanding content marketing strategies and implementing them correctly can help businesses to be more successful and to grow.

Having a growth plan is part of an exit strategy

Most business owners in North Carolina are looking for ways to increase revenue and add value to their business. A major part in doing so is making sure that it has transferable value, or value that remains even after the company's original owner has left. When a business has a lot of transferable value, its owners can be more confident that they will have the option of retiring or at least selling it for a nice profit.

Steps for starting a Business in North Carolina

Starting a new business can be exciting and overwhelming at once. There are several steps you must take to be properly incorporated that must be accomplished before you can even get to rewarding work of bringing your dream to the market. Following these few guidelines cannot guarantee the success or failure of your new venture, but they are good place to start for avoiding common pitfalls that keep many new business owners from achieving their dreams and satisfying a need in the marketplace.

Financial strategies for small business owners

Small business owners in North Carolina usually spend a lot of their time working on the day-to-day operations of their companies. To keep things running smoothly, they should take a little time each day to think about their long-term business goals and financial strategies.

Planning for success in local business

Starting a local business in North Carolina can be the fulfillment of a life-long dream or a great investment. Because of their potential, more and more local businesses are being launched all over the United States. Nationwide, there are more than 20 million local businesses, and 71 percent of the owners expect their revenue to increase this year.

This is the time to review business progress

North Carolina business owners often use the time after tax season to reflect on how they can improve their business and their numbers for the next year. This is an optimal time to implement changes so that the effects can be realized on the next tax filing.

Planning before starting a business

A North Carolina resident considering starting a new business may find that the effort can become overwhelming. Although entrepreneurship is often viewed as a means of gaining freedom in terms of both finances and time, the reality is that a business can require more time and money than anticipated. Before getting involved in a prospect, good research is important for ensuring that goals are well-defined.

Planning particularly important for technology companies

North Carolina residents who are thinking of starting their own businesses are sometimes deterred by the high failure rate among new commercial ventures. However, research conducted more than a decade ago by Bloomberg may give entrepreneurs who plan diligently reason to be cautiously optimistic. Bloomberg concluded that most new businesses do fail within five years, but researchers also found that business owners who regularly revisited and updated their business plans were still going strong after three years 85 percent of the time.

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