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Posts tagged "Commercial Truck Accidents"

Innocent trucking crash victims shouldn't be left to suffer

A semitruck crash is a serious matter that must be handled accordingly. One issue that sometimes comes up is that the innocent victims of these crashes are left to try to handle all the financial aspects of the wreck. This is an atrocity and shouldn't ever be the case. We're here to fight for victims of commercial vehicle crashes, so the parties whose negligence contributed to them can be held accountable.

3 truck crashes cause chaos on Triangle highways

If you have ever driven past a tractor-trailer crash, you have seen the awe-inspiring force that a moving truck carries with it. Semis that go off the road may end up plowing through trees, leaving ruts in the dirt that are several feet deep. So imagine if a truck plows through other vehicles with people inside them.

Truck accident kills 5 in Charlotte before trooper is injured

If you have ever had to rent your own moving truck, you know the differences between your daily commute and weaving a storage container through traffic. Trucks are less maneuverable with more volume to carry, and the weight of heavier vehicles can cause a disaster at any speed even when they are empty.

What sorts of truck problems can contribute to crashes?

If you ever wonder how much more responsibility comes with a truck over a car or smaller vehicle, think of the size and the weight difference. A trucker has to control tons of metal and cargo, so the driver's abilities and equipment have to meet certain standards for the safety of everyone on the road.

North Carolina sees recent rise in fatal truck accidents

This year has been unusual so far, with travel restrictions in many places and a drop in gas prices going along with a lack of demand. One would hope that this trend would make it safer and easier to travel by road. This may be the case for some circumstances or places, but threats still remain.

What is speeding under North Carolina law?

Right now, with so many people avoiding social contact or working from home, the roads have been remarkably empty. That's encouraged a number of drivers to put their feet on their gas pedals and see just how fast they can travel. Police officers in various parts of the country are reporting increased incidents of speeding in excess of 100 miles per hour. Even though accident rates are down, it's more important than ever to be conscious of the dangers of excessive speeding and speeders.

Truck accidents may be caused by more than drivers

Have you ever gotten to the head of a long line of traffic, just about to feel the relief of the open road, when you see that the highway is backed up because of a truck accident? A tractor-trailer could have tipped on its side, left the road entirely or hit a slower vehicle in front of it. You may be wondering if the driver could have done more to prevent this incident.

Underride collisions provoke safety changes

What makes an accident a liability? Words like that may seem reserved for lawyers and accountants, but liability just means that someone could be legally blamed. Some traffic accidents are considered faultless, especially when they cause minimal damage, because no one involved could have prevented it. If someone could have, they may be liable.

How fracking can be hazardous for drivers

Drivers on North Carolina roads could be put in danger because of the actions of companies that engage in hydraulic fracturing. Primarily, an increase in fracking activity results in increased traffic in areas that don't necessarily have large populations. Therefore, they may not have the infrastructure needed to allow trucks carrying wastewater to get to and from their destinations safely. A researcher from the University of Illinois analyzed accident data from the Bakken Formation in North Dakota from 2006 to 2014 to come to this conclusion.

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