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North Carolina accident could result in wrongful death case

Memorial Day weekend is generally a happy time across the country. People everywhere fire up their grill while enjoying a day off from work to memorialize those who have given their life for the defense of their country. It is a weekend to mark the beginning of summer and all the activities associated with that. However, one man will forever remember the weekend for the incredible loss he experienced after another man's alleged inattention caused the death of his pregnant wife and 3-year-old son in a situation that could result in a wrongful death case in a North Carolina courtroom.

Local man injured by tire during NASCAR crash

Depending on the severity of the collisions in which they were involved, Fayetteville auto accident victims' recoveries can be painfully slow. Often, the emotional effects of car crashes compound their physical consequences, making recuperation even more difficult. Car accidents are serious enough when they involve one or two vehicles on a regular two-lane highway. In a high-speed situation on a racetrack, however, the danger is magnified significantly.

Dump truck driver cited for causing crash in North Carolina

Earlier this week, a road had to be closed temporarily in North Carolina while workers cleared debris from a crash between a dump truck and a pickup truck. Since the accident happened only one day ago, reports have not yet stated whether anyone was seriously injured in the truck accident.

Toyota testing new vehicle safety features to limit car accidents

The constantly evolving technology of our time has helped to make automobiles much safer. While Fayetteville is certainly not immune from car accidents that cause serious injury or even death, newer technological safety features have helped to make motorists safer on the roads.

Cumberland County man injured by drunk driver on Thanksgiving

Last week on our Fayetteville, North Carolina, personal injury law blog, we had mentioned that Thanksgiving week is notorious for fatal motor vehicle accidents. More folks travel during this time of year to go visit their families, and more travelers on the road combined with inclement weather or poor driving decisions can lead to serious or fatal car wrecks.

Driver seen speeding, tailgating before causing Fayetteville crash

Last week, a Fayetteville motorist was injured when a pickup truck suddenly crashed into her vehicle on Cedar Creek Road. The driver of the passenger vehicle was hospitalized for minor injuries.

Unsecured log falls off truck, lands on North Carolina woman's car

Earlier this week on our Fayetteville personal injury law blog, we had mentioned that a recent truck accident resulted in a massive diesel fuel spill on the road. Reports did not indicate whether anyone was seriously injured in the crash, but it was a chilling reminder to the community of just how dangerous trucking accidents can be.

Study: Most elderly fall due to simple loss of balance

Researchers have long known that falls are one of the most frequent causes of injury and death amongst elderly people in North Carolina and throughout the entire U.S. Still, academic experts have been puzzled by the exact cause for the falls.

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