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Death of 2 in North Carolina could lead to wrongful death case

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the last 100 years. For example, the idea of an automobile was just beginning to emerge a century ago. However, despite these advances, a man-made product still doesn't have a chance against Mother Nature. In a battle between a tree and a vehicle, for example, the tree is likely going to prove to be stronger. A North Carolina community is all too aware of this reality after a fatal accident that could result in a wrongful death case took the lives of two people.

North Carolina hit-and-run causes serious injury

There are certain expectations that humans should be able to have one another. Mainly, if one human sees another injured human that they can provide aid for, he or she will do it with little or no reservations; that expectation should certainly be true if that human caused the injury. However, some people are more concerned about the ramifications of what they have done to worry about the safety and welfare of someone they have injured. However, there are criminal consequences when someone, for example, strikes a pedestrian and flees the scene instead of rendering aid. After such an incident in North Carolina that caused a serious injury to a young girl, one man has been charged with hit-and-run.

North Carolina accident could result in wrongful death case

Memorial Day weekend is generally a happy time across the country. People everywhere fire up their grill while enjoying a day off from work to memorialize those who have given their life for the defense of their country. It is a weekend to mark the beginning of summer and all the activities associated with that. However, one man will forever remember the weekend for the incredible loss he experienced after another man's alleged inattention caused the death of his pregnant wife and 3-year-old son in a situation that could result in a wrongful death case in a North Carolina courtroom.

North Carolina woman faces serious injury after accident

The effects of alcohol are well-known. It slows reaction time, makes people inattentive, distracted, and causes them to engage in risky behavior. Although the dangers of driving after having several drinks are well-documented and publicized, people still continue to do it. Today, a North Carolina woman is fighting for her life after suffering a serious injury when she was struck by a car driven by a man believed to be under the influence.

North Carolina jury awards millions in medical malpractice case

When people go to the doctor, they have the reasonable expectation that they will be treated well and provided with the best possible care to protect and improve their health. However, in a medical malpractice case, a woman in North Carolina has alleged that a nurse and doctor failed to provide adequate care for her diabetic uncle, leading to his death. A jury has agreed with her by awarding her uncle's estate $4 million.

North Carolina accident could lead to a wrongful death case

In a single, short moment, the lives of people and entire families can be changed forever. Tiny, seemingly inconsequential decisions -- such as briefly turning our attention from driving -- could have devastating consequences. It was most likely a normal, run-of-the-mill day for several North Carolina people when an accident changed the course of their lives. After an accident involving four vehicles that could potentially lead to a wrongful death case, one family will have to learn to cope with life without their loved one.

North Carolina man suffers serious injury in car accident

Even the best drivers sometimes make misjudgments in the amount of time they have to pull out in front of another vehicle. The more experience a driver has, the easier such judgments become. While teenage drivers may have faster reflexes than older drivers, their lack of experience can easily lead to an accident. A North Carolina teenager faces charges in an accident that led to the serious injury of another driver.

Georgia-Pacific develops pans for Carolina facilities

North Carolina, along with South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas are all under considering by Georgia-Pacific for facility expansion sites. The company hopes that establishing a business in these locations will increase lumber and plywood capacity by as much as 20 percent. Startup is expected from the first half of 2014 through 2015.The company states that the demand for its products are improving and that the proposed expansion would provide materials for long-term recovery in the housing market. Georgia-Pacific not only manufactures plywood and other wood-based products but also manufactures products for Dixie, a company that produces paper cups, paper towels, and other paper-based products including corrugated cardboard for packaging.

Some North Carolina surgical errors can be sponge related

When most people think of mistakes occurring during surgery, a complicated part of the procedure is typically comes to mind. However, there is another significant cause of surgical injury that is fairly straight forward. These surgical errors involve medical staff sewing up a patient with a sponge or other material still inside them, an issue that occurs with more regularity then many North Carolina citizens may believe.

Was rabies infected North Carolina organ donor a wrongful death?

Death is often an unwelcome and unexpected part of life. It is a common denominator between people living in North Carolina and people all over the world. This truth is evidenced by the fact that one family in North Carolina is now facing the reality that a loved one's generous organ donation may have resulted in another man's wrongful death. Not only that, information published in news reports alluded to the fact that the donor's passing could have resulted from wrongful death in and of itself.

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