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Amazon faces lawsuit after employee passes away

Business owners in North Carolina may be aware of the issues that can arise if an employee is hurt or injured. The family of a man who worked for Amazon prior to his death is taking legal action against the company for wrongful death. He died in November 2016 of a heart attack while at home. Prior to his passing, he revealed to the company that he had HIV and various other medical conditions.

How statutes of limitation impact lawsuits

In North Carolina and other states, a statute of limitations may apply in a wrongful death case. Once the statute of limitations expires, an individual is generally unable to pursue legal action in the matter. The time in which a person has to file a suit in a wrongful death case begins when the cause of death is known or should have reasonably been known. In some cases, this may begin before an individual passes away.

Wrongful death suit filed in wake of duck boat accident

North Carolina residents may remember the fatal duck boat accident that took place on July 19 in Missouri. A boat conducting a "Ride the Ducks" tour sank into Table Rock Lake after taking in too much water during a storm. The 31 passengers went under, and 17 drowned. On July 29, attorneys representing the families of the deceased filed a wrongful death suit against Ripley Entertainment, the company that runs the tours.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in Parkland shooting case

North Carolina residents who have followed the aftermath of the shooting at Margery Stoneman Douglas High School might be interested to learn that the father of a teenager killed in that incident has filed a lawsuit against multiple parties. The defendants include the armed resource officer who was on duty in the school at the time but did not enter the building; the estate of the late mother of Nikolas Cruz, the man accused of carrying out the killings; the people with whom Cruz lived leading up to the massacre; and the mental health facilities that treated the man. According to the lawsuit, all of these parties failed to prevent the shooting.

Parents file a lawsuit after daughter dies on plane

In North Carolina, wrongful death claims demand adequate compensation after a preventable accident. A recent news story reported that a woman from South Carolina died on an airplane in April 2016. The 25-year-old woman's parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that the pilot was negligent because he did not redirect the airplane to undergo an emergency landing when their daughter needed medical attention. Furthermore, the lawsuit claimed that the crew did not furnish modern medical equipment during the episode.

Family of Prince sues for wrongful death

Music fans in North Carolina were stunned by the news that musician Prince suddenly passed away in April 2016 at the age of 57 of an opioid overdose. Two years after his death, his next of kin have filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The trustee for Prince's next of kin filed the three-count suit against those who the family claims contributed to Prince's death. The lawsuit lists Trinity Health Systems, an employee at Trinity Medical Center, several employees at Walgreens and the Walgreens corporation as defendants.

No sprinkler system in Trump Tower where fire fatality occurred

People in North Carolina might have heard about a fire on April 7 at Trump Tower in New York that resulted in the death of one man. It was the second fire in 2018 at the building. In January, a fire in the heating system led to minor injuries to three people.

Tony Stewart settles wrongful death lawsuit with Ward's family

North Carolina Nascar fans might be interested in learning that Tony Stewart has reportedly reached a settlement with the family of Kevin Ward in the wrongful death lawsuit that was filed against him. The lawsuit was filed because of an August 2014 dirt-track race accident in which Ward was killed.

Troy Gentry's death now the subject of a lawsuit

In September 2017, Montgomery Gentry member Troy Gentry was killed in a helicopter crash while being conducted on a sightseeing tour in Medford, New Jersey. On Feb. 14, 2018, Angie Gentry, the widow, filed a wrongful death suit to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, implicating three helicopter companies in the crash. The details of the lawsuit are something that North Carolina residents should know about, especially those who lose a loved one in an aviation accident.

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