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What to know about informed consent

When a civil suit alleges medical malpractice in North Carolina, a health care provider is liable for damages when evidence shows that the defendant did not act in accordance with the standards of practice that others in the same profession would use. Patients may claim negligence occurred due to an informed consent error.

Who can be held liable for medical malpractice?

Many North Carolina patients seek treatment from their health care providers under the assumption that they will receive proper and timely treatment due to their care providers' experience and knowledge of medicine. On occasion, however, problems result from inadequate or inappropriate care. When this happens, an individual may suffer financial loss due to negligence by a physician, other medical personnel or due to a hospital error. The individual may be eligible to file a malpractice suit to recover damages.

Doctors settle medical malpractice suit for $4.5 million

The concept of spring cleaning is a common one for people in the United States. After the cold weather disappears, people in North Carolina and across the country typically embark in a thorough cleaning of their house. Unfortunately for one woman, her tasks ultimately led to her death. Subsequently, a medical malpractice suit filed on her behalf.

Alleged medical malpractice leads to heart attack

Medical professionals in North Carolina are often well-trained and work long hours to ensure that their patients receive the best possible medical care. However, some doctors make mistakes, and while all humans make mistakes, errors on the part of medical professionals can have devastating, long-term consequences for their patients. When these errors occur, affected patients have the option of seeking legal recourse. One man has recently filed a medical malpractice case after he claims a doctor's inaction led to his permanent disability.

Jury agrees brain damage resulted from medical malpractice

There is nothing more terrifying for a North Carolina parent than to realize that their child is seriously ill. In such a case, parents expect that their child's primary physician can determine when a child's symptoms warrant a referral to a specialist. One family claims that their daughter's current condition is a result of medical malpractice and could have been prevented if her pediatrician had referred her to a pediatric cardiologist. A jury recently agreed and rendered a multi-million dollar verdict as a result.

Study shows prevalence of major surgical errors

The decision to undergo a surgery or invasive procedure is often a difficult one. Patients must weigh the possible side effects of the procedure with the dangers of declining surgical intervention. A recent study potentially adds to the difficulty or making such a decision by shedding some light on almost 800 instances of surgical errors. Anyone is North Carolina who feels they have been the victim of such an error can seek legal recourse in a civil court.

Family claims medical center's negligence led to death

Patients and their families have faith in their medical care providers. They trust in their knowledge and expertise and expect that these providers will make sound decisions in order to protect the health and safety of their patients. However, while everyone makes mistakes, a mistake regarding someone's medical care can often prove deadly. The question becomes, what actions should be taken against a medical care provider's perceived negligence in North Carolina? One family sought legal recourse in the death of their loved one and received compensation as a result.

North Carolina siblings file medical malpractice suit

A basic characteristic of humans is that everyone makes mistakes. In most cases, when lives are not put at risk, this is accepted and most people understand; however, in a medical setting, mistakes that cost the life of a patient are not acceptable. Generally, hospitals are aware of what mistakes might be made and why they are made and do a wonderful job putting in safeguards to prevent them. However, carelessness on the part of doctors or other medical personnel continue to place patients at risk. One set of siblings in North Carolina have decided to take action after the death of their father by filing a medical malpractice case. 

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