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Car Accidents Archives

Woman facing misdemeanor charges in death of motorcyclist

A 53-year-old motorcycle rider in North Carolina died after being struck by a vehicle on June 14. The motorcycle rider had been traveling straight on Wendover when he was hit by a woman who was trying to turn left from Wendover onto Providence toward Uptown. According to a police sergeant, the motorcycle rider had a green light, and the woman in the SUV was turning on a flashing yellow light.

Alleged drunk driver crosses centerline and hits ambulance

Five people were injured when an allegedly drunk driver crossed the centerline on a North Carolina roadway and crashed head-on with an ambulance. Gaston County EMS, which operates the ambulance, released a 12-second video that shows both the outside and the inside of the ambulance in the moments up to and during the June 2 accident.

North Carolina car wreck kills 1, driver charged with DWI

A wreck on Interstate 40 East in Raleigh resulted in one fatality and two injuries on May 29. Authorities reported that an 18-year-old woman driving a sedan left the road around 4:45 p.m. and hit a tree. An investigation is in progress, but police did charge the driver with provisional DWI. A blood test may be underway, which could lead to an upgraded charges since there was a fatality and injury involved.

Woman killed in North Carolina collision

Because so many people travel on the roadways each day, many of them overlook some of the potential dangers of traveling in an automobile. One brief moment of distraction or miscalculation could have serious, if not deadly, consequences. A North Carolina family is all too familiar with this possibility after a fatal collision left them mourning the loss of a young family member.

Sleeping North Carolina driver could face wrongful death case

Most everyone is aware of the dangers associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. However, not everyone is aware of the potential dangers of driving while sleepy. One North Carolina doctor claims that people who drive while sleepy react in the same manner as a drunk driver, but the condition does not receive as much attention. Unfortunately, one man now faces criminal charges after allegedly falling asleep behind the wheel and causing an accident that could ultimately result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fatal North Carolina collision likely a result of drunk driving

The vast majority of people across the country have been guilty of poor judgment. This judgment ranges from the relatively minor to the catastrophic. When a person makes the poor decision to drive under the influence of alcohol, many lives can be impacted. A community in North Carolina is coping with the loss of a prominent member after an alleged drunk driver caused a collision that took the man's life and injured his wife.

North Carolina man faces criminal charges after collision kills 2

Many cities are known for their outdoor festivals, and as the weather warms, more and more people are flocking to these events. Unfortunately, dangerous behavior on the part of drivers traveling through the areas where the events are held could endanger the lives of thousands of innocent bystanders. In one incident in North Carolina, hundreds of event-goers witnessed a fatal collision that killed two people.

Soldier deals with leg amputations after North Carolina accident

Those who choose the military do so with the intent of protecting their country. To some, the idea of dying to protect one's country is one of the most noble goals. Unfortunately, for one man who has been in the military for approximately 23 years, his future plans -- both professional and personal -- were dashed when he was struck by a drunk driver in North Carolina, resulting in the amputations of both his legs.

Man charged with murder after North Carolina collision

Accidents can happen at any time. Even the most careful of drivers is sometimes unable to avoid an accident caused by severe weather conditions or unexpected wildlife in the road. However, when drivers act negligently, an accident could become even more likely. One man was recently charged with murder after a high-speed chase in North Carolina resulted in a collision that killed a young woman.

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