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Guilty plea entered in fatal North Carolina collision

There are some people in life who seek adventure. One man decided that he would find his adventure in a cross-country bicycle trip. Unfortunately, he found tragedy as a result of a fatal collision instead. The man who North Carolina prosecutors feel is responsible for that tragedy has recently accepted a plea deal.

Injuries reported in 3-car collision in North Carolina

It seems that no matter what safety precautions a driver takes, it is sometimes impossible to completely avoid the poor driving or negligence of others. While one can ensure that he or she is constantly vigilant and follows all safety laws, anyone can be pulled into an accident caused by someone else who is not equally as vigilant. One man claims that another driver's actions recently caused a three-car collision in North Carolina.

Fatality in moped, car collision in North Carolina

As the cost of gas has risen over the last several years and people have become more aware of the state of the environment, many in North Carolina have sought economical ways to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, many people have turned to mopeds as an alternative form of transportation. Unfortunately for moped drivers, other motor vehicle operators can put their lives at risk. One man has recently been killed in a collision between a moped and a car.

Collision involving North Carolina bus sends 3 to hospital

Much has been said in the media recently about winter in the South. Many southern cities are unaccustomed to coping with the large amounts of snow that have been dumped on them this year. In an abundance of caution, school systems often choose to close school even before wintry conditions begin. During the closing of one North Carolina school, a collision between a car and a bus sent three students to the hospital.

North Carolina motorcycle collision leaves 1 dead

It is no secret that the eastern part of the United States has been slammed with several snowstorms this year. Finally, the weather in some states is starting to indicate signs of spring. Many motorcyclists have begun to take advantage of the warmer temperatures. As a result, all drivers need to demonstrate an increased level of vigilance to ensure both their safety as well as the safety of motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Failure to do so could have serious consequences as demonstrated by a recent collision between a sports utility vehicle and motorcycle in North Carolina that has left one man dead.

Motorcyclist killed in fatal North Carolina collision

For some people, there is nothing better than a motorcycle ride. Whenever the weather permits, they put on their helmets and other safety gear and take their motorcycle for a ride. Unfortunately, the negligent behavior of others on the road, especially of drivers of more traditional vehicles, often places the lives of motorcyclists at risk. For example, one North Carolina motorcyclist was recently killed after a collision with a motor vehicle.

Deadly North Carolina collision kills 4

Traffic lights and speed limits are in place for several reasons. One of those reasons is to prevent serious injury or death to those who use the roadways. Drivers who choose to ignore such safety measures risk causing a collision that could jeopardize the lives of others. For example, a recent accident in North Carolina that took the life of four people was allegedly caused by a man who apparently failed to follow basic safety measures.

North Carolina collision causes serious injury to 2

Anyone who has received treatment at a hospital knows how quickly medical bills can add up. Even patients who are treated in the emergency room and receive minimal care could end up with a bill totaling several hundred dollars. For people who have suffered a serious injury in a car accident, the medical bills can quickly become astronomical. Two people in North Carolina could be facing this reality as they begin to recover from the injuries they suffered in a serious motor vehicle accident.

Wrong-way car accidents have fatal outcomes in North Carolina

When first responders arrive at the scene of a car accident, there is usually a certain level of uncertainty about the degree of injuries suffered. However, the outcome for wrong-way car accidents occurring on a highway is likely to be serious or even fatal. A recent accident in North Carolina highlights the seriousness of such incidents.

North Carolina teen charged after crash causes woman's death

Everyone is aware that speed limits are in place in an attempt to ensure the safety of all drivers and others using our roads. These speed limits are often assigned with the idea that there may be other factors that could come into play that may require a driver to lower his or her speed. For example. roads become slick due to rain or snow or visibility becomes reduced by fog. A driver's failure to reduce his or her speed, even below the posted speed limits, in conditions such as these could result in a serious collision. A North Carolina teenager has recently been charged in a rainy day accident that resulted in the death of a young woman.

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