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Hit-and-run bicycle accident kills North Carolina man

A bicycle accident resulted in the death of a North Carolina man on June 16. Police detained a 38-year-old man who they suspect was the negligent party in the accident and charged him with one count of felony hit-and-run. A judge ordered that the man be held on $75,000 bond.

Guilty plea in North Carolina could lead to wrongful death case

There are many times when people might suspect that they are in danger while driving. These circumstances tend to be during bad weather or heavy traffic. Most people probably think they are relatively safe as they travel home from church on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, in what could ultimately lead to a wrongful death case, a North Carolina couple lost their lives while doing just that.

Wrongful death case possible after fatal North Carolina collision

Some people find certain traffic laws annoying. They may feel that there is no need for the law and decide to ignore it. However, all traffic laws are in place to protect the safety of everyone who uses North Carolina roadways, and failure to observe them could have serious consequences. For example, police claim that one driver's decision to pass another vehicle, even though passing is not allowed in that area, resulted in the death of three people. The tragic accident could ultimately result in a wrongful death case.

Death of North Carolina teen could lead to wrongful death case

The unexpected death of a community member can come as a shock. This seems to be especially the case when that person is a teenager who had his entire life ahead of him. A North Carolina community is mourning the loss of a teenager today after his tragic death in a fatal car accident. Understandably, the teen's family is shaken, and may ultimately choose to consider their legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of the tragedy.

Wrongful death case possible after North Carolina fatality

While most everyone is aware of their and their loved one's mortality, the sudden loss of a life is almost always a shock. Unfortunately, in many cases, the only thing protecting a person from serious injury or death is two lines of yellow paint on the center of the road. One slight miscalculation or tiny distraction can instantly create tragedy. For those who have lost a loved one in this manner, civil litigation in the form of a wrongful death suit filed in a North Carolina court may be appropriate.

Death of North Carolina doctor could lead to wrongful death case

People serve their communities in a variety of different ways. One way is by working as a medical care professional. One North Carolina community is reeling from the news that a veteran emergency care doctor was killed in a fatal car accident recently. Such an unexpected death could have significant financial repercussions on the man's surviving family members, making a wrongful death claim possible.

South Carolina fraternity party may lead to wrongful death claim

Anyone who has been to a fraternity party knows that they tend to be strikingly similar. Alcohol and loud music can be found in abundance. Unfortunately, college students who are under the influence of large amounts of alcohol may sometimes react unpredictably. In what could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit in South Carolina, a marine recently lost his life in an altercation that began at a fraternity party.

Wrongful death case possible after fatal North Carolina accident

It is in some people's nature to help out in any way they can -- If they see a disabled vehicle, they will stop to help without hesitation. Unfortunately, some people have the exact opposite inclination. Instead of offering to help, they run in the opposite direction, even if they are the cause of an injury. For example, police claim that a North Carolina man left the scene of a fatal accident that killed two men who were helping a stranded motorist. As a result, the family members of the two men could file a wrongful death case.

Wrongful death case could result from North Carolina accident

Traveling on the nation's Interstate roadways always has a certain degree of risk. While most drivers attempt to mitigate that risk by carefully observing all safety laws and rules of the road, a driver can't always account for the actions of others. For example, a driver who has a vehicle barreling toward him or her typically has little time to react in any way. Recently a wrong-way accident in North Carolina has resulted in a fatality and criminal charges. The family of the deceased woman could also file a wrongful death civil lawsuit to seek financial reparations.

Wrongful death case possible after North Carolina accident

Millions of Americans climb into their vehicle and travel from place to place each day. They are able to do this safely, without causing injury to themselves or others. Because so many trips are made in this manner, many people take for granted the possible consequences of reckless driving. However, the families of three men in North Carolina are now facing the stark reality of the effects of what police claim to be reckless driving. The families of two of the men could ultimately file a wrongful death case as a result of the accident.

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