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Solving the modern distracted driving problem

The instinct to check a smartphone when a notification pops up can be difficult for drivers. Looking at a phone screen while behind the wheel is responsible for thousands of accidents in North Carolina and the rest of the country. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving caused approximately 3,000 deaths in 2016 alone. This is a particularly big problem for the trucking industry due to exacerbating factors like long hours on the road and hazardous road conditions.

NHTSA reports increase in large truck crash fatalities for 2017

Truckers and fleet owners in North Carolina should take note of the 2017 crash data that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has compiled from its Fatality Analysis Reporting System. Though vehicle crash fatalities went down in all areas, large truck traffic fatalities did not. The following are just a few of the numbers that NHTSA released.

How to drive safely around large trucks

North Carolina residents encounter more than their fair share of large trucks on the roads, so they should keep the following tips in mind if they want to drive safely around them. The first thing to remember is to never take chances. When trucks move into drivers' lanes, the drivers should never speed up and cut in front of the truck.

Regulations urged to reduce truck accidents

Large truck accidents are a growing concern for drivers in North Carolina and across the country. However, as the risk of these accidents continues to increase, many people are calling for greater technological solutions to the dangers posed by commercial trucks. In 2016, over 4,300 people were killed in accidents involving semis and other large trucks. This marks a 28 percent increase over the death toll in 2009, according to reports. Despite the growing risk of fatalities and serious injuries, these types of trucks are not required to include crash-avoidance technologies.

Inspection blitz puts 12k-plus buses and trucks out of service

Since buses and trucks are among the largest vehicles commonly on the road in North Carolina and many other states, it's understandable for extra efforts to be made to ensure that such vehicles are properly maintained. This is why the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance performs annual random inspections, the most recent of which resulted in more than 12,000 trucks and buses and nearly 3,000 drivers being placed out of commission. During a three-day period, more than 67,000 inspections were conducted, with most of them being level I inspections.

FMCSA proposes changes to HOS rules for truckers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as truckers in North Carolina know, is the agency that sets up rules regulating the trucking industry. Among its most important rules are the hours-of-service rules. However, the FMCSA announced in August 2018 that it was considering several revisions to the HOS rules, laid out below. It is seeking input on the proposed revisions until September 24.

North Carolina man charged after fatal accident

A North Carolina man has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in connection with a fiery crash in Johnston County that claimed the lives of three people on the afternoon of Aug. 29. A North Carolina Highway Patrol representative said that felony charges were not filed against the man because he was not impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash and did not attempt to flee the scene. The accident took place on Interstate 40 near mile marker 319.

Two factors contribute to most large truck crashes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recently conducted research into why large truck accidents happen on North Carolina and other roads. Safety defects with the vehicles themselves and long driver hours were two of the main reasons why they occur. In fact, a truck with a significant defect was three times more likely to get into an accident than those without them. Research showed that a violation of any kind could raise the risk of an accident by 50 percent.

Distance from rest areas affects fatigue-related CMV crash rates

Truckers in North Carolina should know that researchers from the University of Kentucky have conducted a study about how fatigue-related commercial vehicle crash rates are affected by proximity to rest areas. The results were published in Accident Analysis & Prevention in November of 2017.

FMCSA changes its approach to CSA revisions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Compliance, Safety and Accountability program is designed to ensure that truck operators in North Carolina and around the country properly maintain and repair their vehicles, but the system used to calculate safety scores has been criticized. Trade groups accused the FMCSA of using incomplete data and misleading the public, and Congress answered their calls in 2015 by requiring the government safety watchdog to revise its CSA rules with the passage of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act.

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