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Medical Malpractice Archives

Family defeats North Carolina in medical malpractice dispute

The nine months preceding the birth of a child is one filled with excitement, anticipation and wonder. Parents fantasize about their child's appearance and personality. Most parents do not anticipate that their child will be so disabled that she would require 12 to 18 hours of nursing care each day. One family did not realize these were the challenges they would be facing when they became parents or that they would have to fight the state of North Carolina over their medical malpractice claim.

Failure to diagnose a North Carolina woman a fatal mistake

A woman in North Carolina experienced such debilitating fatigue and back pain that she put in over 50 doctor's visits over the course of three years to determine the cause of her symptoms. Doctors gave various different diagnoses -- all of them incorrect. It was later determined that she had breast cancer that had taken over her spine and actually fractured her back. Although a scan in Feb. 2008 indicated she might have cancer, she wasn't formally diagnosed until Dec. 2010, when the cancer had already advanced to Stage IV. She estimates that her doctor's failure to diagnose shortened her life expectancy by at least seven years.

North Carolina jury awards millions in medical malpractice case

When people go to the doctor, they have the reasonable expectation that they will be treated well and provided with the best possible care to protect and improve their health. However, in a medical malpractice case, a woman in North Carolina has alleged that a nurse and doctor failed to provide adequate care for her diabetic uncle, leading to his death. A jury has agreed with her by awarding her uncle's estate $4 million.

Some North Carolina surgical errors can be sponge related

When most people think of mistakes occurring during surgery, a complicated part of the procedure is typically comes to mind. However, there is another significant cause of surgical injury that is fairly straight forward. These surgical errors involve medical staff sewing up a patient with a sponge or other material still inside them, an issue that occurs with more regularity then many North Carolina citizens may believe.

Was rabies infected North Carolina organ donor a wrongful death?

Death is often an unwelcome and unexpected part of life. It is a common denominator between people living in North Carolina and people all over the world. This truth is evidenced by the fact that one family in North Carolina is now facing the reality that a loved one's generous organ donation may have resulted in another man's wrongful death. Not only that, information published in news reports alluded to the fact that the donor's passing could have resulted from wrongful death in and of itself.

Lawsuit confidentiality agreements may undermine patient safety

Thankfully, serious errors are rare in the modern hospital system; many individuals in the Cumberland and Fayetteville area may never be affected by a therapeutic oversight. Unfortunately however, some medical professionals do make accidental mistakes or behave in a careless or inattentive manner while they are at work. Negligence in a medical environment can have very serious consequences for patients, some of whom can experience complications and can go on to require long-term care as a result of doctor errors.

North Carolina patients have access to hospital infections report

When Fayetteville residents are hospitalized for injuries or illnesses, they trust that they are in good hands. Hospitals are supposed to be safe places for patients, especially since doctors and nurses are treating and monitoring hundreds of vulnerable patients. Failing to adhere to hospital practices and deviating from the standard of care in any way could put vulnerable patients at risk of suffering further health complications, or even fatal injuries.

Researchers say medication errors cost billions every year in U.S.

Doctors, nurses, surgeons and other health care workers are skilled individuals who take on significant responsibilities every day when working with patients who are in need of medical care and treatment. Although Fayetteville patients may understand that health care workers can only do so much when it comes to diagnosing, treating and monitoring health conditions, patients still trust that their medical care providers will do so to the best of their abilities.

North Carolina birth injury victim's family fights for settlement

Birth injuries are devastating because the injuries often cause permanent damage, emotional pain and suffering, and financial turmoil. In addition to these consequences, parents may never be able to hear their child talk or walk for the first time when their baby suffers a birth injury at the hands of a negligent doctor in North Carolina. Parents may also need to make major changes in their lives in order to make sure their child receives the constant, life-long medical care he or she may need after suffering a birth injury.

U.S. hospitals seek solutions to prevent pregnancy-related injuries

With modern advances in all areas of the medical field, the common perception tends to be that medical procedures are easier for doctors and safer for Fayetteville patients than ever before. Surprisingly, that's not always the case, even when it comes to childbirth.

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