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Medical Malpractice Archives

Court: Doctor's relationship with patient led to malpractice

In North Carolina, patients have important rights that must remain protected whenever a healthcare provider deviates from the standard of care. But how does one know when a doctor has indeed deviated from the standard of care? What constitutes a medical mistake?

Patient dies in North Carolina hospital room fire

Every year, medical professionals in North Carolina and across the U.S. are responsible for making some serious mistakes that can have long-lasting and permanent effects on patients and their families. Performing surgery on the wrong side of the body, misdiagnosing an illness and giving a patient the wrong medication are all serious medical errors that could cause a patient to suffer major or fatal health complications.

Study: Most elderly fall due to simple loss of balance

Researchers have long known that falls are one of the most frequent causes of injury and death amongst elderly people in North Carolina and throughout the entire U.S. Still, academic experts have been puzzled by the exact cause for the falls.

Fayetteville doctor finally held accountable for patient's death

Fayetteville patients go to their doctors for help. They expect to receive accurate diagnoses and the proper type of treatment for their illnesses, injuries and life-threatening health conditions. Patients don't expect to be harmed by their doctors when they are in need of medical help.

Medical malpractice causes nearly 100,000 deaths every year in U.S.

If you have been reading our Fayetteville, North Carolina, personal injury law blog for awhile now, you might be somewhat concerned about driving knowing that far too many accidents are caused by distracted, negligent and drunk drivers every year on our roads. After all, traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of accidental death in the U.S. But did you know that medical malpractice is the sixth leading cause of accidental death in our country?

Elderly Fayetteville man reported missing, Silver Alert issued

Earlier today, a Silver Alert was issued by the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons after it was reported that an elderly Fayetteville man went missing from his home. The alert was issued because the man might be at risk of endangering himself or others due to a cognitive impairment.

Is your doctor prescribing the right medications for you?

Elderly Fayetteville residents and their families may greatly depend upon nursing homes, assisted living facilities and medical professionals to provide the elderly with quality care when they can no longer take care of themselves.

Electronic medical records temporarily lost from data outage

Any number of things could go wrong at a hospital or medical office when facilities fail to take all necessary precautions to protect patients. Fayetteville patients might be more concerned about suffering serious injuries during a surgical operation or not being treated in time for cancer due to a missed diagnosis. But patients are also at risk of being harmed when medical facilities do not have proper procedures in place to address other serious issues such as security and medical data storage.

Patient says North Carolina doctor assaulted her during exam

When patients visit any type of medical professional in Fayetteville, they expect to receive treatment that will help them feel better. Patients certainly don't expect to be harmed by their physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals.

North Carolina mom warns other parents about birth injuries

One North Carolina mother who had experienced a normal pregnancy and expected to give birth to a healthy baby is now encouraging other pregnant women to learn more about birth injuries and complications during labor such as brachial plexus.

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