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Posts tagged "Medical malpractice"

Who's responsible when robotic surgery goes wrong?

Experience matters. You might be able to get an inexpensive hairstyle that's good enough by putting yourself in the hands of a salon school student. To have greater confidence in the outcome, though, you are more likely to seek out a stylist with years in the business and demonstrated ability. You'll pay more, but you'll have greater peace of mind. 

What can you do to stay safe against the 'Superbug?'

It is a sad truth that one of the riskiest places a person can go when they need care is to the hospital or to a specialty nursing facility. As has been often reported in the news, and as we highlighted ourselves in a post not too long ago, hospitals and care facilities are major sources of hazards. These could include mistakes made during major surgery or exposure to bacteria that can be deadly, and that post offered some thoughts on what North Carolina residents can do to better protect themselves.

Misdiagnosis in young adult stroke victims

Young adults in North Carolina who may be at risk of stroke may face medical complications if emergency room doctors fail to diagnose. Stroke is relatively rare for young adults, and doctors may diagnose symptoms as signs of vertigo, intoxication, migraine or other less serious issues. These symptoms may lead to a hospital discharge when it is not warranted and could result in worsening of symptoms, possibly resulting in permanent damage.

What to know about informed consent

When a civil suit alleges medical malpractice in North Carolina, a health care provider is liable for damages when evidence shows that the defendant did not act in accordance with the standards of practice that others in the same profession would use. Patients may claim negligence occurred due to an informed consent error.

Woman files suit after device implanted in her back

A woman in North Carolina has recently filed a lawsuit against various medical device companies and a sales representative who helped a surgeon develop a device. A federal judge has not yet determined if the surgeon will also be named as a defendant in the suit. According to the woman, the spine surgeon implanted a medical device in her neck and upper back that he had allegedly altered in his garage.

Who can be held liable for medical malpractice?

Many North Carolina patients seek treatment from their health care providers under the assumption that they will receive proper and timely treatment due to their care providers' experience and knowledge of medicine. On occasion, however, problems result from inadequate or inappropriate care. When this happens, an individual may suffer financial loss due to negligence by a physician, other medical personnel or due to a hospital error. The individual may be eligible to file a malpractice suit to recover damages.

Misdiagnosis is still an issue for North Carolina residents

A misdiagnosis of an ailment is one of the last things that a patient or a doctor wishes to see happen when trying to deal with a medical problem. Records from medical malpractice claims indicate that the bulk of misdiagnosis cases that lead a patient to seek compensation through insurance or legal actions arise from heart problems, cancers and infections, including sepsis and meningitis. One method of discovering data concerning misdiagnosis is through autopsies.

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