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Posts tagged "Medical malpractice"

Staying safe during a hospital stay

North Carolina residents who may need hospital treatment in the future may want to be aware of some of the risks associated with spending time in such an environment. Vigilance is important, and having a trusted friend or loved one handy to assist in monitoring treatment and conditions may be helpful in heading off unexpected difficulties. According to estimates, more than 400,000 individuals die in U.S. hospitals annually because of medical errors.

Veteran claims medical malpractice created permanent damage

Brave people in North Carolina and across the country have chosen to put their lives on the line in order to protect their fellow Americans. Unfortunately, several recent cases have highlighted the poor medical care provided by some U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. One example has recently resulted in a medical malpractice case filed by a veteran who claims he has suffered injuries as a result of a doctor’s negligent actions.

Woman claims wrongful death after loss of her husband

Doctors, especially emergency room doctors, have difficult jobs. The fate of hundreds of patients each day likely relies on their ability to quickly and accurately diagnose their patient's illness or injury. Unfortunately, a medical professional's mistake could have dangerous consequences for patients in North Carolina. Those who have lost a loved one due to medical malpractice can seek legal recourse in the form of a wrongful death case, just as one out-of-state woman has recently done.

Doctors settle medical malpractice suit for $4.5 million

The concept of spring cleaning is a common one for people in the United States. After the cold weather disappears, people in North Carolina and across the country typically embark in a thorough cleaning of their house. Unfortunately for one woman, her tasks ultimately led to her death. Subsequently, a medical malpractice suit filed on her behalf.

Family claims medical malpractice caused son's suicide

People in North Carolina who are in pain visit the doctor in order to receive some relief for their symptoms. In most circumstances, the patients either remain the same or see some improvement. However, in some cases, medical malpractice could actually cause more problems for a patient. One family claims that a doctor's actions actually led to their son's suicide. A jury has recently ruled in the family's favor.

North Carolina doctor accused of failure to diagnose

Medical doctors go through years of intense training. The training is necessary because even the slightest mistake can quickly lead to dire consequences for a patient, including death. In a case where a medical mistake has led to such consequences, a patient, or his or her family member if the mistake resulted in a fatality, has the option of seeking legal recourse in a civil court. One man has taken such action against on a North Carolina doctor after he claims the doctor's failure to diagnose his mother led to her death.

Doctor claims medical malpractice has prevented him from working

There is no one more intimate with the dangers and possible health risks of surgery than a surgeon. A surgeon must be aware of the dangers and communicate them to their patients. In a twist that may interest those in North Carolina and across the country, one surgeon has recently been awarded a multi-million dollar verdict after he claims he was a victim of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice case results in multi-million dollar award

People in North Carolina go to the emergency room with the expectation of a certain standard of care. While most patients accept that medical care providers are not miracle workers, they do expect that these workers will do everything reasonably expected to ensure their current and future well-being, including reporting medical problems to their physician. In a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, one man claims that a nurse's failure to act resulted in his permanent disability.

Woman claims failure to refer caused long-term health problems

Surgery is performed for many different reasons, under many different circumstances. Sometimes emergency surgery is necessary in order to save a life. At other times, surgery is performed to improve the quality of a person's life or to improve his or her perceptions of him or herself. Regardless of the reason, those in North Carolina who have undergone surgery expect that a certain standard of care be met during and after the procedure. One woman claims that a doctor's failure to refer her to a wound specialist after undergoing elective surgery has led to long-term health problems, as well as the loss of her business.

Negligence at North Carolina hospital may lead to claims

To be informed that the disregard of sterilization procedures in a hospital may have exposed an individual to a non-curable brain disorder would naturally cause an extremely high amount of stress. To have to live with the fear that the disorder may surface at any time could be unbearable for most. Even if the North Carolina hospital states that the risk caused by their negligence is very low, nobody should have to live with that constant concern.

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