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Posts tagged "Medical malpractice"

Alleged medical malpractice leads to heart attack

Medical professionals in North Carolina are often well-trained and work long hours to ensure that their patients receive the best possible medical care. However, some doctors make mistakes, and while all humans make mistakes, errors on the part of medical professionals can have devastating, long-term consequences for their patients. When these errors occur, affected patients have the option of seeking legal recourse. One man has recently filed a medical malpractice case after he claims a doctor's inaction led to his permanent disability.

Poor sanitation procedures could cause health problems

A century ago, there was little information available about the importance of properly sanitizing medical equipment. As a result, medical equipment was not properly cleaned and hands were not always washed. Thankfully, medical professionals in North Carolina and across the country are aware of this important safeguard to patient health. However, in a northwestern state, one hospital's failure to properly train its technicians on how to properly clean medical equipment could ultimately lead to health problems for over a hundred former patients.

Parents allege baby died due to birth injuries

There have been several stories in the news in recent years about the climbing C-section rate in this country. According to these news stories, more people are opting to have C-sections even though many claim there is increased risk to the mother and baby as well as a more difficult recovery. However, it is likely that many lives in North Carolina have been saved by the procedure. Nevertheless, one family claims that their infant daughter died from birth injuries received as a result of one doctor's attempt to deliver a baby naturally, through the use of forceps, instead of performing the C-section the mother requested.

Medical malpractice suit filed against North Carolina hospital

Thanks to advances of medicine over the last 100 years, some of the risks associated with labor and delivery have been significantly reduced. Unfortunately, the risks have not been completely eliminated. While nature often has a role to play in death or injury at birth, the care a woman and child receive during the birth process can also have a significant impact on the outcome of a delivery. In a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, one woman claims that the inadequate care she received in a North Carolina medical facility ultimately lead to the death of her baby.

VA medical malpractice payments create questions

The media has covered the treatment of American soldiers extensively lately. For example, a major topic of conversation has been the ability of veterans to obtain jobs after they exit the military. However, the quality of healthcare provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has become a focal point. Specifically, some people question the number of medical malpractice suits against the healthcare organization. Some would have Americans believe that veterans in North Carolina and across the country are receiving substandard medical care based on the number of claims filed and the amount of money paid to settle them.

North Carolina lawsuit alleges medical malpractice

A parent's worst nightmare is a serious injury sustained by one of their children that could lead to their child's death. When a child is injured, parents trust that medical professionals will provide the best medical care possible and take every possible course of action to save their child's life. Unfortunately, one set of parents in North Carolina allege that the care provided to their son after a skateboarding accident was well below the accepted standard and ultimately led to his death. They have recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Jury agrees brain damage resulted from medical malpractice

There is nothing more terrifying for a North Carolina parent than to realize that their child is seriously ill. In such a case, parents expect that their child's primary physician can determine when a child's symptoms warrant a referral to a specialist. One family claims that their daughter's current condition is a result of medical malpractice and could have been prevented if her pediatrician had referred her to a pediatric cardiologist. A jury recently agreed and rendered a multi-million dollar verdict as a result.

Bedrail accidents could lead to wrongful death cases

Upon hearing the news that a loved one has been injured during a stay at a medical facility, most would assume that the incident was caused by complications during surgery or even an oversight on behalf of the medical staff. Few would think that an injury, or even death, could be caused by something as seemingly harmless as the rails on a bed. However, some reports indicate that injuries and deaths caused by bedrails are a real problem. In fact, instances of death due to faulty bedrails have been reported in North Carolina. In many cases, family members might consider filing a wrongful death case.

Family settles medical malpractice case related to birth injuries

In the last 100 years, advances in medical technology and knowledge have significantly decreased the risks of giving birth. As a result, many people in North Carolina take a safe and healthy delivery for granted. Unfortunately, both the baby and the mother could be put in severe risk during labor and delivery. While there will always be some risks, the care and decisions made by doctors can often reduce these risk. Unfortunately for one family, the decisions made by doctors ultimately lead to severe birth injuries for their daughter.

43 million cases each year of medical malpractice globally

People go to a doctor's office or hospital for a specific purpose -- to feel better. Most doctors, especially in the United States and other higher income countries, are experts at what they do. Unfortunately, completely preventable cases of medical malpractice still happen. Those in North Carolina suffering from the long term effects of a doctor's error, of their surviving family members, have options to help alleviate any burdens created by the mistake.

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