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Posts tagged "Medical malpractice"

Hospitals disclosing medical mistakes to reduce malpractice suits

Medical malpractice might not be as uncommon as one might think it is in Fayetteville. Mistakes can easily be made when doctors and nurses are negligent, or when hospitals fail to implement procedures to properly address emergency medical situations.

Mother educates families about patient safety after son's death

Patients and families in Fayetteville may understand that any type of surgery can be dangerous. However, patients and families also trust that when complications do arise during a surgery, doctors and other medical professionals will acknowledge that a mistake has been made and will do their best to fix any errors. Failing to notice that an organ was mistakenly punctured during an operation or failing to monitor a patient after surgery are forms of medical malpractice that can result in serious or fatal injuries.

Survey reveals doctors are not always honest with patients

When you visit your physician after experiencing abnormal health problems or concerns, you are putting complete trust in your doctor to diagnosis and treat your symptoms as effectively as possible. You also probably expect your doctor to be completely honest with you regarding what could be causing your health to suffer. However, a recently published study suggests that medical professionals in Fayetteville and throughout the entire country may not be as honest with their patients as we would all like to think.

Hospital sued by 11 North Carolina patients over doctor's abuse

Medical malpractice can happen under a variety of circumstances in Fayetteville and throughout the entire state of North Carolina. A doctor could mistakenly perform surgery on the wrong side of a patient's body, a nurse could fail to properly monitor a patient who has been given a strong painkiller and a hospital's inadequate policies and procedures could certainly jeopardize the health and safety of patients.

Child left blind and brain damaged after doctor's misdiagnosis

Children in North Carolina are treated every day by their doctors for minor illnesses such as colds, the flu and ear infections. But when pediatricians become too comfortable with assuming one's symptoms are a result of a minor illness, they could mistakenly ignore other symptoms that could suggest that a child is suffering from something far more severe than a cold. Failing to properly diagnose a child with an illness could result in further health complications if the child is not treated correctly and effectively.

North Carolina doctor, researcher settles 11 malpractice claims

When a doctor deviates from the standard of care in North Carolina, he or she puts the health and lives of patients at risk. Failing to monitor a patient after surgery, surgical errors, medication errors and failing to properly diagnose a patient are all serious acts of negligence that could cause patients to suffer further injury or death. But misrepresenting one's professional and educational experiences or quality of research could also be considered a form of medical malpractice.

Could your doctor be updating his Facebook status during surgery?

Last week, our Fayetteville, North Carolina, personal injury law blog discussed some of the dangers of distracted driving and the National Transportation Safety Board's strong recommendation that all states ban drivers from using hands-free and hand-held devices in order to prevent causing serious or fatal accidents. But do similar recommendations need to be made in our nation's hospitals and operating rooms?

$10.3 million medical malpractice verdict upheld

Whenever a patient is seriously injured as a result of medical malpractice, no amount of money can take the place of his or her health and well-being. However, s medical malpractice cases can have other benefits, such as bringing justice to the patients and family members who have been affected by negligent medical treatment.

Surgical errors abound, says North Carolina doctor

A neurologist from North Carolina's Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center led a study about the prevalence of wrong-site spinal surgeries and found that at least half of neurosurgeons specializing in spinal surgery admitted performing at least one wrong-site surgery during their careers. He and his colleagues now hope to raise awareness about the prevalence of these potentially life-altering medical mistakes.

CVS sued after giving wrong prescription to North Carolina woman

A victim of medical malpractice certainly suffers the burden and pain of additional health problems, but the individual could also be forced to suffer the consequences of a medical professional's mistake for the rest of his or her life. Although this type of situation is tragic, victims may be able to take legal action in order to ensure that a medical professional is held accountable for his or her negligence.

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