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Safety concerns for motorcycle passengers

North Carolina fans of motorcycles know that safety is among the most important factors when it comes to motorcycle ownership. For passengers too, safety is the most important thing. If riders want to carry passengers, it's a good idea to complete a motorcycle safety course first. Having a second rider on the vehicle can change the weight and balance significantly.

Bosch develops pressurized gas anti-slip device for motorcycles

Due to the nature of their designs, motorcycles rarely have as many safety features as traditional automobiles. Auto parts manufacturer Bosch is attempting to change that by introducing an anti-slide device that promises to make riding in North Carolina safer than ever. This slide mitigation system uses a burst of pressurized gas to counteract a motorcycle that's slipping too far in one direction. It takes advantage of a principle of Newtonian mechanics used by spaceships.

Helmets and motorcycles

Motorcyclists who are concerned about being safe on North Carolina roads should know that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of acquiring a cervical spine injury in a crash. This is according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

The debate over motorcycle lane-splitting

Drivers may not realize that lane-splitting isn't specifically legal or illegal in North Carolina. This maneuver where a motorcyclist rides between two lanes has its advocates and detractors. Currently, California is the only state that allows for lane-splitting, but at least seven states are considering bills that could legalize it.

Defensive driving tips for motorcyclists

Taking a motorcycle out on the roads of North Carolina represents a genuine pleasure for some people. Because motorcycles leave their riders physically exposed, motorcyclists should exercise great caution and employ specific strategies that could reduce the chances of accident and injury.

Teen motorcyclists, and how they can stay safe

Ninety percent of motorcyclists who are involved in a crash had no formal training in how to ride a motorcycle. It's essential that teenage motorcyclists should know how to stay safe on the road before heading out. There are some safety tips that can apply to motorcyclists in North Carolina and the rest of the U.S.

Reducing the odds of being in a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents may cause significant injury or death to North Carolina residents. Taking driver safety courses as well as wearing safety gear may help a rider reduce the odds of an accident or the impact of a collision. It may also help to understand the most common types of motorcycle accidents as this may make it easier for a rider to avoid dangerous situations.

Motorcycles and passengers

There are certain steps motorcycle riders in North Carolina can take to make sure they and their passengers remain safe while on the road. By being extra aware, getting the right amount of practice and using good coordination, riding a motorcycle can be safe and fun.

Staying safe while on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle on North Carolina or other roadways may have the potential to be hazardous in certain situations. For instance, attempting to pass or be passed by another vehicle could pose risks such as gusty winds or items being thrown out of a car. When passing another vehicle, motorcyclists are encouraged to check multiple times to ensure that the other lane is clear and that other vehicles are given plenty of space.

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