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Posts tagged "Wrongful Death"

Is your doctor prescribing the right medications for you?

Elderly Fayetteville residents and their families may greatly depend upon nursing homes, assisted living facilities and medical professionals to provide the elderly with quality care when they can no longer take care of themselves.

Teen struck, killed while crossing busy Fayetteville intersection

A couple of weeks ago on our Fayetteville personal injury law blog, we had mentioned that the North Carolina State Highway Patrol would be increasing its monitoring of school zones in an effort to reduce car accidents and pedestrian accidents that tend to spike during the first few weeks of the new school year.

North Carolina family gets justice after fatal drunk driving crash

One of the most dangerous mistakes a motorist can make is to drive drunk on our Fayetteville, North Carolina, roads. Motorists may certainly put themselves in danger by driving impaired and they may end up facing harsh legal consequences. But all too often, innocent victims are the ones who end up suffering the most serious consequences of all after a drunk driving accident.

Fatal crash increases fears amongst North Carolina bicyclists

In North Carolina, it is legal for bicyclists to travel on our roads just like cars. This means that drivers of vehicles are supposed to yield to cyclists when making turns and drivers must slow down and give cyclists enough room on the road when passing folks who are riding their bikes.

North Carolina mother pursues justice after teen's death at party

Alcohol may certainly contribute to making a poor decision. Although folks are ultimately responsible for the decisions they make while under the influence of alcohol, there are some circumstances in which adults might be held liable for the dangerous actions of intoxicated teens if it is discovered that an adult knowingly provided alcohol to a minor.

Pit bull owner held accountable for North Carolina child's death

Last year, a North Carolina girl suffered fatal injuries after she was attacked by two dogs while playing in her grandmother's yard. The dog attack was a tragic event that the child's family might never be able to fully recover from, especially since their child was only five years old when she died.

Fayetteville hospital settles mother's wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a loved one is certainly a painful and devastating experience for any Fayetteville family. But what if you found out that the death of your loved one could have been prevented? How would you feel waking up each morning knowing that your son, daughter, wife, husband, mother, father or sibling would still be alive had someone else made appropriate choices that would have prevented your loved one from sustaining fatal injuries after an accident, a medical mistake or an assault on one's property?

Ruling upheld in North Carolina teen's wrongful death from Taser

The Taser is a very common tool used by law enforcement. The tool administers an electric shock which helps subdue suspects who resist arrests or threaten officers during an arrest. However, the parents of a North Carolina teen have claimed that the use of a Taser by law enforcement also led to the wrongful death of their son.

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