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Assaults And Injuries As A Result Of Negligent Security

Experienced Legal Advocacy For Victims Of Violent Crimes

Commercial property owners must take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of customers and guests. For example, property owners in areas known to have issues with crime should take appropriate measures to deter acts of violence. These measures can include using video cameras, hiring security guards and having well-lit parking lots and other common areas.

Victims of assault, rape or other violent crime that caused physical harm may be able to pursue compensation through a negligent security claim against a landlord or property owner. Our Fayetteville injury lawyers can help determine whether you have a negligent security claim. If you do, we will take action to help you recover the compensation you need for your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. At Britton Law, we represent clients across North Carolina, including Raleigh, Clinton, Sanford, Lumberton and beyond.

Holding Property Owners Accountable For Their Negligence

Examples of negligent security claims include:

  • Parking lot assaults in which security cameras were not installed or did not work
  • Sexual assault cases in a hotel or motel room where door locks were not strong enough or hallways were insufficiently lit
  • Bar fights in which security staff failed to stop a fight or assault that resulted in a serious personal injury
  • Injuries inflicted by overzealous bouncers, such as throwing a person to the ground
  • Failure to hire enough security staff for a large event such as a concert

Our law firm will fully investigate the circumstances that led to your injury. We will show what steps a reasonable property owner would have or should have taken in order to prevent or deter acts of violence. While we are working to establish the negligence of the property owner, we will work with your medical provider to prove all of your damages. Our premises liability attorneys will work diligently to present a claim that accounts for all of your damages. Whether your case eventually settles or goes to trial, our law firm has what it takes to make a strong case.

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