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Compensation For Swimming Pool Injuries

Representing North Carolina Families Harmed In Swimming Or Diving Accidents

Swimming pools are usually associated with good times and happy memories. Unfortunately, pools can also be the site of serious accidents and drowning deaths. In some cases, these tragedies occur as a result of negligence on the part of the entity that maintains the swimming pool, such as a hotel, public school or a city’s parks and recreation department.

If you have lost a loved one in a swimming pool accident, or if you or someone you love has suffered a severe injury in a pool, it is important to work with experienced, established legal counsel. The Fayetteville lawyers at Britton Law, have over 25 years of experience helping victims and their families in North Carolina recover compensation for personal injury accidents and wrongful death incidents.

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Investigating The Cause Of A Swimming Pool Accident

Many swimming pool liability claims stem from lifeguard or supervision issues. Others are related to improper maintenance or design. A shallow pool area that does not descend properly can lead to spinal cord injuries. Drowning deaths can occur due to a lack of supervision or the absence of proper safety and rescue equipment.

Other swimming pool accidents could include:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries caused by unsafe surfaces around pools or lack of proper supervision
  • Serious child injury due to lack of child safety alarms, pool covers or proper barriers around the pool such as latched gates
  • Drowning or catastrophic injury due to unsafe pool drains
  • Permanent brain damage from near-drowning
  • Swimming pool and diving board accidents caused by defective equipment that result in head trauma or spinal cord injuries

A swimming pool accident can have a temporary impact in terms of earning power or medical bills, or it can change lives forever. Whatever the circumstances, our premises liability attorneys will treat you and your family with compassion and respect as we work to recover the compensation you deserve.

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