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Was Your Accident Caused By An Unsafe Road?

Taking Action For People Harmed By Poorly Designed Or Poorly Maintained Roads

Road maintenance is a statewide problem in North Carolina. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), North Carolina consistently ranks in the top 10 states for tractor-trailer accidents.

In Fayetteville alone, commonly traveled streets such as Ramsey Street, Raeford Road and Reilly Road are known to have poor traffic control. Interstate 95, just east of Fayetteville, is a frequent accident site. In addition to the negligence of other drivers, the state or county may be liable for unsafe road conditions that cause or contributed to injuries.

If you have lost a loved one in an automobile accident, or if you or someone you love was injured, you need a lawyer immediately. For more than 25 years, we have served families who have suffered life-changing injuries on North Carolina roads and highways. At Britton Law, our Fayetteville injury lawyers offer aggressive, experienced representation to families across the state.

Holding The Government Accountable For Faulty Road Maintenance Or Design

Maintaining roads is one of the government’s primary duties. Further, roads and highways should be designed to ensure adequate visibility. Proper signs should be placed in the proper locations. There should be ample shoulder room on the sides of the road. When the government fails to properly maintain or design a road, it can lead to completely preventable injuries and fatalities.

If we have reason to believe a poorly maintained or designed road contributed to your injuries, our attorneys will look closely into the cause of your accident. We will work with experts as necessary in order to prove that the government did not adequately maintain or design the road in question. If the government’s negligence is responsible for your accident and your injuries, our law firm will take forceful action against the government under the State Tort Claims Act.

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